Anna Allen’s Notes

No one would ever describe her as beautiful.  In fact, it is rare for anyone to mention Susan O’Connell at all.  She fades into the background of the glitz and glamour of high society events.  Everyone knows she was there yet no one can remember seeing or talking with her.  But she must have been there.  Everybody who is anybody was there and she is certainly a somebody.  She is the richest orphan in the city.

When she is remembered, she is called striking, or less kindly, handsome.  She is too tall, for one.  At six feet, she towers over the other society girls even when she wears flats.  Also, she dresses modestly, another oddity among the rich and famous.  The material and design of her clothes are always of the highest quality, yet her figure is still a mystery to the public.  This modesty may be forgiven as perhaps a stricture placed by her adoptive parents since she is only sixteen.  However, it is unlikely that any clothing she does or doesn’t wear will alter her status as an undesireable heiress.  She will never be a victim of an exciting countdown to “legal” status.  Most damning of all, in my opinion, is her nondescript face.  Someone as rich as she is, being the adopted daughter of two highly successful business moguls, should be able to buy the most beautiful face.  Sadly, even with finely styled blonde hair and professionally done make-up, she just doesn’t exist next to other socialites.  It may be that her face is too broad, her jaw too strong and her eyes too large to be considered beautiful or that her smile is too rare and her cheeks lack even a hint of feminine blush.  Then again, it could be that every time her eyes turn in your direction you feel like you are being studied rather than glanced at.

Which brings me to another unusual feature she possesses.  Her only memorable features are her eyes and not just because they are freakishly large.  A majority of the world has either brown or green eyes with all manner of hazel variations.  Yet she has an unusual combination of green and blue, a shade rarer than even regular blue.  It is my guess that her humble features forced her to wear colored contacts so she would not completely disappear in the crowd.  The irony is that even with those remarkable eyes, she is still overwhelmingly unremarkable.

To be fair, it is not wholly her fault she remains forgotten in the society pages.  I have noticed a startling recurrence of events in my observation of the underage socialite.  Every time she makes an appearance, any time a camera is aimed in her direction, whenever a microphone approaches they are all almost immediately diverted to her constant companion, Brianne Pratchett.

Most unlike Ms. O’Connell, Ms. Pratchett knows how to make an entrance.  She has been a staple of the heiress party scene, and consequently the tabloids, ever since her first party appearance at the tender age of thirteen.  She is someone people can truly gossip about.  Her family, made up of conservative lawyer-types, has been scandalized for years by her rebellious behavior, from her frequent tattoo and body piercing experiments to the entire rainbow of colors and variety of unique styles her hair has experienced.  She is infamous for her provocative clothing, wild exuberance and for not caring at all for the societal expectations of her class.  It seems it is her mission in life to steal attention by shattering social conventions.  Most amazing is that she has not been arrested for any of her outlandish behavior.  Insiders report that despite her party reputation, Ms. Pratchett never drinks, smokes or does any drugs, nor has she done anything illegal that might compromise her aspirations of being a high-class lawyer.  This goal of her’s may seem like she is finally falling into her father’s illustrious footsteps, but do not be deceived.  She means not to follow but to topple her father’s position as the best public defender in Darclann.  And based on her track record, she has a very good chance of achieving that ambition.

Ms. Pratchett is a beautiful, charismatic and dangerously intelligent young woman.  But this is not enough for her.  She must be the center of attention, the most desired guest at any social event and she does everything she can to attain that preference.  She is even willing to upstage her closest friend and cousin, poor, plain Ms. O’Connell.  I have witnessed it time and again.  Whenever Ms. O’Connell gets the slightest bit of regard, there is Ms. Pratchett with her hazel, almond-shaped eyes and dazzling smile.  We, the media, have no strength to resist her.  To be perfectly frank, who could possibly look at Susan O’Connell when they Brianne Pratchett is on parade?  How long will it be before Ms. O’Connell realizes the true face of her supposed best friend?


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  1. Mom

    Insiders report that despite her party reputation, Mr. Pratchett never drinks, smokes or does any drugs, nor has she (?) I am confused…

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