Diary 2 – Bernadette

Dear Diary,

I was right!  Mom is a sneak thief and a spy!!!  I had a feeling she was reading my diary so I left a hair to mark the page of my last entry and when I checked it today, the hair was gone!  I’m just glad I didn’t write anything too important (at least nothing I can’t claim temporary insanity on).  So this is my new diary which I bought with my tutoring money and shall remain secret because I’m keeping the old one around as a decoy.  I almost want to call her on it, but that would ruin a perfect opportunity to mess with her.  Mwahaha!

I hate to admit it, but I really like this whole diary thing.  I thought I’d hate having to write about my mundane life since I don’t like writing at all.  But it’s kind of fun.  I wish all my writing assignments could be like this.  Most of my English papers have been “edited” by Ben, but that’s only because he likes that junk (the weirdo).  I think we are the worst twins ever.  We don’t look anything alike and we have next nothing in common.  He loves History and English and I’m all for Math and Science.  It’s kind of nice since the “help” we give each other means we look like well-balanced students.  We’ll have to go to the same college just to keep up our GPA’s.  Oooo, shudder.  I hate thinking about college.  I’m only a freshman.  Why do I have to worry about all that stuff?  I have honestly tried to figure out what I want to be when I grow up and I keep coming back to Math teacher, which is uber-lame.  I love math.  It’s so neat, so exact, so organized.  It’s not like English at all.  There’s never a correct answer in English.  It’s all so, I don’t know, mushy.  With Math, it’s all perfectly clear.  For every problem there is only one answer and it has nothing to do with how the formula made me feel.  Yuck.

Then I look at my Math teachers and I’m suddenly wishing there was something else, anything else I could do.  I love my Math teachers, haven’t met one I don’t like.  But they’re all major geeks.  Sure, I go out of my way to know all the teachers in the department even though I’ve only had one of them so far, but I’m not that much of a geek.  I laugh at their math jokes.  I do not tell math jokes.  There’s just nothing glamorous about Math.  I know how that sounds.  Way girly and stuff.  “I want to be a princess in a castle with her shining white knight” girly.  That’s not it.  I just think there is so much more for me than grading papers and dealing with idiot children all day.  Tutoring is bad enough (some of them are at the 1+1 stage and I just don’t get how they can be so obtuse, haha).  I’m absolutely embarrassed for all the other kids in my class.  Everything is so simple and obvious to me.  I honestly don’t get how anyone can be failing.

I kind of wish there was some job for the Council I could do.  I wonder if any of the Capes need a Math tutor?  That would be so cape-tastic.  Can you imagine?  I could explain the quadratic formula to Lady Fabulous between disasters.  My luck, they’d stick me with the side kicks.  Ugh.  There aren’t a lot in high school as far as I know.  They say that only 18 and up can become Capes but everyone knows they recruit at high schools.  They’re worse than the military recruiters (much better free stuff).  You hear about their aggressive approach.  There are people out there with powers who don’t want to be super heroes (prolly completely nuts) but the Council insists that everyone with abilities gets registered and trained.  I guess they have good reason.  Everyone still remembers what happened at that high school in Colorado.  I mean, that kid stopped the shooters but destroyed half the school in the process (missed school for a week ‘cuz Mom was all “Vigilantes won’t blow up my kids!”).

I wonder what it would be like without the Council?  We talked about that in Geography today.  Actually, Mr. Simmons lectured dully about how some Third World Countries haven’t adopted the Council system and their Capes just run amok (he actually said “amok”).  That must be horrible.  I mean, without the Council, what’s to stop the Capes from taking over?  Hmmm, I guess you wouldn’t call them Capes then.  They’d just be Vigilantes since they aren’t registered or sanctioned.  Granted, the International Council has stepped in whenever a Super took over a place, even small villages.  They frown on God-complexes (and I’m sure God appreciates that).  But, yeah, without Councils, there’d be no rules and no Alphas to enforce the rules.  The Capes would decide what was right and just.  Nah.  It would never work.

Oh nevermind.  Who cares about the Council anyway?  As long as they do their job, they aren’t my problem.  Tabitha, she’s becoming my problem.  I saw her making eyes at Russel today over lunch.  And him, being the horny teenage boy he is (though still totally cute), made eyes right back at her!  I was really hoping he’d ask me out to Homecoming but that won’t happen if Tabitha keeps up her flirting (she thinks she’s so superior with her B cups).  I suppose I could tell her that I’ve had a major crush on him for at least 2 weeks.  I shouldn’t have to tell her, though.  She should just know!  BFF intuition or something.  Oh, why do I bother.  He’ll never notice me with her around and she’s too good a friend to dump just ‘cuz she’s thin and blonde and pretty.  I pray they’re happy together and they remember to invite me to the wedding.

Golly, my life is still lame.  I wish swim team would start up (November can’t get here soon enough!).  Or maybe some major villain could take the school hostage.  That would be stellar.  Way much more exciting.  ‘Til then, I suppose I’ll just have to invent exciting stories to write in my other diary.  I wonder how freaked Mom would be if I mentioned a Christian Cult Orgy?

P.S.  Benji has a secret girl friend!  I just heard him talking to her on his cell phone!  I’m so blackmailing him!



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2 responses to “Diary 2 – Bernadette

  1. ihavebetterthingstodo

    ok, why the twin? hmmm interesting developments could happen. Do we get to hear Benjy’s viewpoint? Does he have to do a Math workbook instead of the diary?

    • I decided to make her an atypical twin because it’s not so cliche, I guess. I’ve always had an interest in twins and some of their oddities. Dressing the same, getting the same answers wrong on tests, etc. Instead of that sort of set up, I thought I’d make them a yin/yang pair. Benji doesn’t have to do a diary because he already does some writing on his own (lyrics, poetry, etc). I wasn’t planning on having him narrate (in the story so far, Bernie isn’t a narrator, she only gets 1st person for the diary). More than likely, Benji is not seen as overly emotional or in danger of some kind of episode by his mother because he is very much like his brothers and father (and perhaps, Bernie reminds her a bit to much of her own twin brother…). Yes, I call her Bernie for short. It suits her very well.

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