Diary Entry 3 – Bernadette

I am not going to Homecoming.  I just found out what the tickets cost and it’s ridiculous!  I was talking to Angela (who works in the school office) and it turns out that the dance is an unofficial fund-raiser for the football team.  I say “unofficial” because the official fund-raising comes from school shirts and stuff that they sell at the football games.  None of the other sports teams get extra fund-raising.  I’ve been selling plants, chocolate, popcorn and candles for the swim team.  And my parents have to pitch in $200 at the start of the season for all the away trips.  Benji’s cross-country team has to do the same thing.  They did a car wash at the beginning of the school year, though they didn’t make a lot of money (it was raining).  They had to buy their own uniforms, too.  But not the football team.  They get a cut of the concessions at the games plus almost all the profits from school spirit paraphernalia.

Oh, but they have all that expensive equipment!  Bull paddies to that!  That’s all paid for by the rich kids’ parents, excuse me, the “Boosters.”  All that funding goes straight into nice hotel rooms for their away games and pizza for the whole team after every game.  And they get new uniforms and equipment every year.  The band has had the same instruments for about a hundred years and the same uniforms since the beginning of time (so I heard from Tabitha).  It’s so not fair.  Not to mention all the other competitive teams: the drill team, the Mathletes, the chess team and the Decathalons.  They’re some of the most feared teams in the state among the truly geeky (that’s right, we win a lot).  The football team?  They haven’t had a winning season in forever!  They stink!  Ack!  This makes me soooooo angry!

So, in protest of the $60 dance tickets and the unethical use of the money, I am boycotting the Homecoming game and dance, and it has nothing to do with the fact that Tabitha is going with Russell and no one has asked me to go at all.

Oh, who am I kidding.  You’re a book.  Why am I trying to fool you?  I’m totally bummed.  Russell asked Tabitha out and even worse, she asked me if it was okay.  So now I’ve given them my blessing.  Le sigh.  I thought about doing something dramatic.  Throw a fit, maybe start a fight with her.  Something like what would happen on tv.  On tv, I would have pretended shock at the betrayal and then we could have had a roaring row, things would be said and the friendship would be over.  But seriously?  I’ve only liked him a couple of weeks and that’s only because he sat next to me in Geography.  It’s not like we’ve ever had a conversation or share any interests as far as I know.  And Tabitha has been my BFF since kindergarten when she dumped dirt on Benji’s head (those were the days).  Besides, with her enmity toward the football team, I’m almost positive when I tell her about their under-the-table funding, she’ll boycott with me.

I’d better wrap this up.  Tomorrow is career day and there’s supposed to be a surprise guest at the final assembly (I hope it’s some hero besides Interrogator.  He’s soooo lame).


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