Ode to Brandi

I have a minor character

Her name is Myra Lee

It wasn’t until this morning

I found that she’s Brandi

She has a checkered history

Some darkness in her past

And by some faith and industry

She’s found some peace at last

She perseveres against her caste

She strives to do things right

She pushes against a worldly current

Because she has reason to fight

He is handsome and very bright

He’s sweet and debonaire

His cleverness, it knows no bounds

His countenance is fair

His behavior, to be frank and fair

Is not always quite the best

But that young man has one great prize

Her heart held in his little fist

Little boy, who will you be

And will you know the truth

That but for you and your daddy

Your mom would be uncouth

To my dear friend, so far from me

I pray you realize

That happy future waits for you

Reflected in his sparkling eyes

Your hard work and your diligence

Will pay off for us all

When Ethan takes the worldly stage

On your example will he fall

For who needs super heroes

With capes and masks and lairs

When here and now, good people stand

Against all Satan’s snares?



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3 responses to “Ode to Brandi

  1. Poetry is not my best medium, but what with British Lit’s abundance of Romantic Poems and the poets in American Lit, I can’t help but be inspired. I’m no Byron (or Shelley…or Wordsworth…or even Coleridge). I can’t do fancy meters and rhyme schemes. But some things are best expressed in verse. Please, don’t mock my weak attempt (especially the times where I was having trouble with the rhyming…really, Jo? Best rhymes with Fist? Tsk.)

  2. Sniffle, sniffle. . . you got me all teared up, thank you so much Jo. I am copying it so I can treasure it always 🙂

    • I’m glad you like it. I liked having an opportunity to use the word “uncouth.” I tried working in “for sooth,” but I couldn’t quite make it.

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