Backyard Expectations

Things we hoped to find:
Gateway to Narnia
Chest of Pirate Booty
Cottage of Diminutive Men
Sleeping Princess (glass coffin optional)
Body of Jimmy Hoffa
Labyrinth (Pan and/or David Bowie optional)

Things we feared to find:
Giant Spiders (HP or Hobbit versions equally undesirable)
Rusted Car/Mobile Home
Indigenous Wildlife
Dead Body of Non-Celebrity
Swamp Thing

Things we actually found (so far):
3 Boots
3 Hubcaps (Plymouth, Chevy, and Galaxie)
1 Tire
2 Hanging Planters
1 Stove (era unknown)
1 Bottle of Chloroform
Lots of Rusted Metal Bits
Trash, assorted

All of which be going on Craig’s List as “slightly used.”



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