Killing Trolls

This weekend, we began the full-on assault.  Sir Daniel of Puls was kind enough to supply us with a store of more effective weapons than had been used in previous forays.  Many trolls were slaughtered, cut down bit by bit until their limbs were free to be dragged to the burn pile.  They did not go down quietly, but struggled to the last, clinging to life with thorn encrusted vines at their beck.  Drawing our blood only made us more determined to eradicate the scourge.  While Sir Daniel and I hacked and dragged, Lord Jason went to work on the goblins entrenched beneath the muddy soil.  It took a combined effort by Sir Daniel and Lord Jason to dethrone the chief goblin, a rusty brute who clung piteously to the mire.  Hours passed before we had to regroup.  The scattered dead tripped our feet, making further battle too treacherous.  We were tired and cold, sore from our exertions and emotionally exhausted.  We fell back, to rest, treat our wounds, and survey the damage to the enemy.

Perhaps a third of them covered the ground, hiding traps for the unwary.  Many were piled high, resembling the nests of the giant eagles of old.  Lord Jason had chopped many into logs.  We will not freeze this winter or the next.  Still, the forest looms.  Wounded but not defeated, it waits for the next attack. We adjourn to the keep for cocoa.  The forest can wait until next weekend.  Now begins the quest to finish homework!


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