Year in Review – 2013

We sent out our Christmas cards the day after Christmas. Which is a vast improvement on previous years, believe me! I decided, though, that this year deserved a news letter for our cards. So I wrote one, since that’s what I do. And it totally sucked.

I started off by saying that this was a very eventful year for us and it was. But I couldn’t remember any of the events except for the wedding, which I’ll admit was pretty eventful on its own. Then I talked about work for both of us. All-in-all, our “eventful” year barely filled one page. It was rather sad, especially when I got news letters from other family members and they a) had to reduce the font to microscopic size in order to get everything onto one page or b) used the front and back of the page because they had so much to say.

Well, doggone it! We did have a great year and I am taking it upon myself to flesh out that weak sauce I sent out. Here goes:

We celebrated the New Year in our new house, which is working out nicely. Later in the month we celebrated our 1st Anniversary as a married couple with a nice dinner out.

We have had several excellent get-togethers with old 25th ID friends, many of which have moved to the area over the last year. We are so grateful to be surrounded by so many great people! The Halloween party this year was epic, whereas last year’s was just a little embarrassing.

In the spring, I finished up my second semester with my college with a pretty decent GPA, despite my B in Latin. Buddy played a few Easter gigs. We also got to visit family in DC a few times. Another benefit of the East Coast is being relatively close to a lot of family.

Over the summer, my hubby participated in the summer concert series on post, which was greatly benefited by the new stage they built. We also got married, which was kind of a big deal. We got to see a ton of people we haven’t seen in a long time and it was a chance to finally introduce our families to each other. Hopefully in the future, we can have more family gatherings where there isn’t so much other stuff to do! Quality time is scant when you have to plan and organize the most important day of our lives (so far).

On a less cheerful strain, we lost Mahler in May. It was pretty brutal (see…er-viii-eulogy/). Fortunately, in September, we found Ninja, who has helped us heal somewhat. He’s a young and a bit of a trouble maker, but turning out to be a wonderful addition to the family.

The last big events for the year were the public appearances of Neil Gaiman and Alton Brown we got to attend. I went with a friend to see Gaiman in DC, where he signed my copy of Good Omens after spending 2 hours entertaining us with anecdotes and segments from his new book (see In November, we (me, Buddy, and Buddy’s bro) went to see Alton Brown’s live show, which was absolutely amazing (see…uld-be-awesome/). I wish we could have met him as well, but it wasn’t in the cards this year.

This fall, I had another successful semester of interesting classes (I even managed an A in Latin, for which I totally didn’t cry and do a happy dance). Buddy had continued to play all over the place, even managing a Christmas Eve gig this year. I’m still working in fruit, which you are not to ask me about for I might kill you.

And lastly, I’m proud to report that we have kicked the soda habit in our house. We expanded our drinking into other venues, taking up tea (black for me, green for Buddy) and continuing to enjoy our old favorites (coffee for me, craft beer for Buddy). Buddy has had a few beer tasting parties this last year and we’ve had many adventures road tripping to nearby cities to feed his habit, which has been a great excuse to explore the whole of the state. It’s quite an improvement on AL, which felt like an abominable black hole from which no escape could be found.

See, it really was an eventful year. There was loss, there was joy, there was a lot of driving. It was fun and next year should be even better. I just have to remember to take notes.


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