Nailed It

In the middle of doing the litter just now, I realized that I had failed today.  Or rather, yesterday.

I actually got a lot done, though.  I did some reading for school.  I got a new purse (on sale!).  Which doesn’t make me shallow.  I wanted a bag big enough to hold my new tablet/laptop (laplet?  taptop?), and I was growing out of my old one.  That’s me being practical.  That fact that it was 80% off was just an added bonus.  And I admit.  It is cute.  I might have squee’d a little when I saw it.  (That sad moment when you realize that yes, you really are that girl…).  And I made soup, which didn’t turn out as well as usual, but I’m really the only one who has to eat it, so no one else is going to know.  Except all of you people.  Um…it was great!  Amazing!  My cooking comes out perfect every time, I assure you.

It all started going down hill when Buddy turned on Dexter when we got home from errand-running.  There is nothing getting done when we have a whole season of Dexter to watch.  On the plus side, I’ve been reading Dracula for my Vampires class, so after 6 episodes of Dexter and that, I’m going to have some truly effed-up dreams tonight.  Which I might write about, if ever I get the time.

I have such a pile of reading to do tomorrow.  I haven’t actually caught up on the reading I had to do last week.  Henry James, you can be very funny, but this shiz is getting annoying.  Can we just end the mock epic social commentary already?  Ugh.  And I have something ancient to read for Brit Myth.  The last one involved a girl being transformed into a puddle of water (literally, not figuratively), then super-heated into a worm which then developed into the most beautiful red fly the size of a handsome man’s head (which is not a euphemism => if the ancient Celts were going to compare her to a penis, they would have just said she was the size of a handsome man’s penis).  I don’t plan on actually doing much of this reading because tomorrow, after church, I’m going to watch Wolverine (the new one) at a friend’s house and then later in the evening, we’re hitting Yard House with Army buddies.  So yeah, today was my day for productivity.  I got a purse and made soup.  Nailed it.


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