It’s another freaking Snowmageddon.  You know what, it’s fun the first time.  The second time, when I lose work hours and I remember how 2 days off school warranted a make up day on Saturday last year, it becomes a bit tiresome.

I’d like to say that the people here are freaking out over nothing, but it’s not nothing.  What we have is an entire swath of country suffering from “weather denial.”  It was in the 20s today and I still saw college students strolling around in hoodies.  Most of them, whether wearing actual heavy jackets or not, didn’t bother with any kind of headgear.  But that’s just on a very basic level and is pretty harmless to the community (until the plague fostered by this kind of irresponsibility begins to wipe out entire classes in one go).  The real danger is when the denial reaches the level of government.

We have spent many road trips pointing out the boob-like structures featured near major roads that house this magical chemical compound NaCl, or sodium chloride.  You see, in states where snow is an annual event that sticks around for a majority of the winter, preparations are made so that when there is a blizzard, the state doesn’t completely shut down.  In fact, the cities are so prepared for snowy conditions that a light dusting of  2-5 inches wouldn’t make the slightest difference in day-to-day operations for their citizens.  Even more shocking is that when a big storm is forecast, they take simple preliminary precautions (like laying down salt on major roadways) to reduce the instances of accidents.

They don’t put down salt here.  They might not see a reason to keep a large supply on hand for cold weather storms.  I see a reason.  I see people trapped in their homes because after 2 inches of precipitation, the roads are too dangerous.  We went to get groceries and the lines on the 4-lane road were completely obscured.  In our 4-wheel drive vehicle, we swerved our way up one of those Chthonic clover-leaf exit ramps (also a sign that this state’s transportation department is made up of complete morons).  They didn’t even put down sand and the freaking beach is less than an hour away.  I saw a snow plow sending up sparks as he tried to clear a road of that much snow.  What a stupid waste of resources.  We might as well have the guys from Top Gear running our emergency services.

All I ask is that we stop living in denial.  Wear warm clothes when it is cold.  Accept the fact that it snows in the South.  If you start preparing for bad weather instead of panicking when it hits (why do we panic if we know it’s coming?), then people from the Midwest and the North will stop making fun of you for collapsing under what is to them a pretty normal winter day.

Happy Snowmageddon, ya’ loonies.


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