Super Lame Day

Another snow day put to good use.  I slept in, which is pretty standard when I don’t have to be up at a certain time.  You’d think as an adult I would have more important things to do than plunge deeper into the warm bed cocoon as daylight grows stronger.  Sadly, this is not the case.  We’ll blame it on the vampire literature, eh?

It was actually a pretty good day once I rolled out.  Bacon pancakes and black chocolate tea is usually a good (late) start.  Eventually, we went out to lunch with some friends (SUSHI!!!), which was awesome.  The major roads were not only clear of snow, they were mostly clear of cars, which made for a relatively stress-free driving (a significantly rare condition in that part of town).  After lunch, we thought it would be fun to try to buy a snow shovel.  Hahaha.

The afternoon was spent reading and napping, which is probably why I’m still awake now.  For dinner, we had meatloaf sandwiches.  Then I polished off the eggnog ice cream.

This is a super lame post, I know.  Maybe I shouldn’t do my writing while watching The Cleveland Show.


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