I have finished reading Dracula.  The good guys failed.  They chopped off his head, sure, but they didn’t stake his heart or garlic up his face.  No wonder he keeps coming back for sequels.  Shoddy work, kids.  I thought Victorians were supposed to be methodical and detail oriented.

To be fair, Stoker wasn’t exactly consistent with his lore.  Dracula is unable to cross running water except at high/low tides, but doesn’t seem inhibited by the extensive sewage systems in London.  And while he is perfectly capable of walking about Town during the day (toting a giant box of dirt), he’s paralyzed during sunrise/sunset and completely helpless to defend himself against mundane weapons.

There are lots of other little details that set off my OCD, but no wants to hear that crap.  Read it yourself.  Take notes.  But however many mistakes you find, don’t forget that Stoker deserves props.  He wasn’t the first, but his creation defines the genre.  Respect, peeps.


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