I don’t consider this a failure…

Why?  Because I’ve posted after midnight several times.  I’m a late-night writer, what can I say?  Also, I read for fun, managing to finish Terry Pratchett’s Lords and Ladies, which has been sitting by my bed for two weeks ever since I started reading early Irish mythology for school.  This is the book that comes to my mind when people talk about elves.  This is not a Tolkien betrayal.  The works he published involved the rise of man and the decline of the elves, not to mention the general awesomeness of Hobbits.  Besides, Lords and Ladies features the witches in their prime.  And Casadunda, the world’s second greatest lover.  And the Librarian.  That cast alone adds up to an all-encompassing success.

Now I need to read Neverwhere because we’ve moved on to Welsh mythology.


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