Week Report

I haven’t had time or energy to write this week.  Here’s a breakdown of why:

Monday => Work was a bit slower than expected, so they didn’t need me to come in.  Worked with one of my group members on our Friday presentation (the other one being missing and presumed dead because why the hell else wouldn’t she respond to my emails?).  Managed to by a birthday card for my niece’s  1st birthday.  Went home and did my reading for the day and worked more on the presentation.

Tuesday => Got to work at 7:45.  The people with keys got to work at 8:10.  Spent the next 10 hours cutting fruit, washing kale, washing dishes, skewering fruit, and talking to customers.  At this point, we are only taking orders for Thursday and Friday.  Friday is closed off about midway through the afternoon.  Most of the customers are pretty polite.  Get released at 7:00pm, about 2 hours before the closing shift is over.

Wednesday => Get to work at 10:00.  Now we’re into specialized jobs, sticking to one monotonous task until it is done.  Spend 4 hours skewering over 1000 strawberries.  Cram a sandwich in my mouth at about 2:30.  Skewer another 500 strawberries (don’t worry, someone else has to skewer the other 1000 we needed later in the evening).  Then get moved to pineapple.  Cut the ends off of 150 pineapples and run them through the cutting press so they are shaped like hearts (women’s butts).  Did you know that pineapple juice burns after a while?  At this point we are taking orders for pick up on Thursday and all orders for Saturday.  Thursday is closed off around 2:00.  Customers start getting rude.  One cusses out a girl over the phone because we can’t take Friday orders.  And I mean cusses.  Apparently, he used words she hadn’t even heard of.  It starts snowing around 5:00, then rain around 7:30.  We lock the doors at 7:00 pm to customers.  We finish the cutting fruit and cleaning.  I get released at 9:30.

Thursday => I get to go to school today!  And my first class isn’t until 11:00 am.  When I step out of bed, the soles of my feet tingle.  My shoulders are sore from working the pineapple press.  I have a sore spot on the ball of my right hand from the knife.  My vampire class is okay, but I need to see the films they watched on Tuesday do I can post on the discussion board.  Someone jumps in line for the microwave at lunch and instead of beating her head in with my soup tureen, I help her microwave her food since she can’t seem to work the machine.  In Brit Myth, a girl brings in chocolate covered strawberries to share.  I warn her to keep her distance.  At work, the customers are getting more belligerent, though at least half of them just fume in silence and storm out.  I spend a lot of time running to the front and back.  The phone is ringing and no one is answering because we are trapped in tasks like peeling melon or counting strawberries.  We have to smile at customers who can’t believe we can’t do anything for Friday.  I can’t just order it and pick it up?  No.  See, we still have to make it and we don’t have room for what we have already made.  We don’t have room for the fruit we cut ahead of time to make that fruit and the freezer semi-truck trailer behind the shop is packed to the brim with deliveries for tomorrow as well as the uncut fruit we’re going to need for the rest of the week.  Well, I can’t believe you weren’t ready for this.  Says the person who waited until the day before a major holiday to order a specialty commodity.  The other store in the area isn’t answering their phones at all and they locked their doors to customers out of self-preservation.  We lock up at 7:00 pm.  Then it’s another 2 hours of making extras for tomorrow, boxing berries, and wrapping arrangements.  I get sent to the freezer truck with a partner and spend 45 min organizing the deliveries by driver.  We finish at about 9:30 and I go home.

I don’t know what today is going to be like.  I’m meeting my presentation group at 8:30 so we can complete the slide show I haven’t had time to work on all week.  My niece’s birthday card is sitting on the coffee table where I left it on Monday, still waiting for an affectionate message.  I can’t muster up affection at this point.  It will just have to be late.  I hate holidays.


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