Oh Happy Weekend

A normal busy day at work: 30 orders, 3 people working per shift (morning/afternoon), 1 driver.

Valentine’s Day: 506 orders, 10-15 people working (most on double shifts), 4 drivers.

To all you customers who looked surprised when I said, “No, we don’t have anything,” “No, you can’t order anything,” and “No, we can’t deliver today,” I invite you to try working 10-12 hour days all week to achieve results like that (i.e. 17 times normal capacity with only 3-5 times the manpower).

My husband bought me 3 expensive truffles because I worked 40 hours in 4 days and skipped school so people could talk to me like I was hording strawberries under my apron just so they couldn’t have any.  He also made me dinner (tilapia with pesto orzo and broccoli), which we didn’t eat until 9:30 because I didn’t leave work until 9:00.

From this week, I have one story that encapsulates the type of ‘true love’ I see on this holiday.

He was a young soldier.  He came in on Wednesday and, while surprised that we were cut off for Friday, he decided that Saturday would be the perfect day to deliver his gift.  He had me type out a card message and when I asked him if he wanted to sign his name (so she would know who sent it to her), he said no.  “She had better know who sent it!” he joked.  (I hear this a lot from spouses, so this didn’t concern me.)  I then proceeded to get his info.  He stated that the delivery address would be his address, so all I really needed was her name and number.  He told me her last name was Bobson.*  He even spelled it out.  Then he said, “No!  It’s Bobbins!*”

It gets better.

I asked for her phone number so we could contact her if she wasn’t at home.  He said, “Um…757…”  He couldn’t remember.  This also failed to worry me,as I don’t have my husband’s number memorized and I’ve lived with him for 4 years.  He got out his phone, looked at it for a bit, then continued searching his memory because he didn’t have the number in his phone.

He did remember it eventually.

My point is, if you’re going to drop $50-100 on fruit, last names and phone numbers are important.

Also, on a busy holiday, when you walk into a gift-centered establishment and see that there are three things in the cooler for purchase, don’t grab all three for yourself, especially if there are other people in the shop.  It doesn’t matter how much love is in your relationship.  No one can eat 3 dozen chocolate covered strawberries before they go bad.


*All names have been changed, though not by much.



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2 responses to “Oh Happy Weekend

  1. i could eat 36 chocolate covered strawberries before bed.

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