Free Verse in Cerulean

Music running through my head.

Sleep gnawing at my scalp.

No stories, no pictures.

Just repetitions of a single phrase,

Over and over and over again.

No inspiration from the TV

Or the walls, or the blanket

Cold feet, warm cat

Elbow jammed against the couch

Typing tricky

Gotta sleep, rest, recoup,

Snuggle with warm, heavy, reality

Burning eye lids, ringing ears

Stop picking, it doesn’t help, only hurts

Adds to scars and shame and sad

Disappointment and embarrassment

Sickness, compulsion, scars, scars

Don’t smile, don’t bother, don’t care

Pretend to know

Proud, vain, scared, fail, fail , fail


This is why I don’t get introspective, I guess.  Good night.


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15PM000000112011 · 23:57

One response to “Free Verse in Cerulean

  1. ihavebetterthingstodo

    wow girl, you sound a bit bipolar…

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