Oddities and Awesomeness

ODDITIES: Testus Interruptus

In the middle of an English test today, a guy knocked on the classroom door, entered, and asked if there was an “E. Cook” in the class.  Dumbfounded and mildly annoyed, my professor replied in the negative.  The gentleman left.  Rather than immediately getting back to the test, some students thought they needed to giggle and exclaim their disbelief about the flower guy, which was much more of a distraction than the original interruption.  I don’t understand the human need to discuss every trivial thing that ever happens.  Like when I’m watching a horror movie in the theater, the scary scene that twas shown in every preview finally happens, and somehow scares the screams out of the audience, who then proceed to giggle about how silly it was to be scared over a scene they knew was coming…over the plot-establishing dialogue of the next scene.

I’m not anti-social.  I’m selectively introverted.  When I get around people, I start noticing the oddities of human behavior which most normal-brained people just accept.  Then, because I’m inquisitive, I point out these oddities.  Then I spend time explaining why it is odd.  Which leads to people suddenly realizing that their house is on fire.  Which is why it is better for everyone if I just read in the corner.


I wrote an opinion piece for the school paper last week about Valentine’s Day.  At the weekly writers’ meeting, the editor-in-chief told me that she got a lot of positive responses to my article.  People mentioned it specifically when they said they enjoyed the edition.  It was probably just the five other people who read the paper, but positive feedback is positive feedback.

Also, my fiction writing professor from last semester said the short story I wrote for his class is publishable after I look over it one more time.  I’m nervous, but I’m going to give it a shot during spring break.


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