Wasted Day

I have to keep this short.

I went to Math this morning, where I learned I was still ahead on all the homework.  We probably won’t get to the stuff that is making me throw my notebook until next week.  Le sigh.

When I got home (early, because Lit Survey was cancelled), I had Italian meatball soup with half an avocado added to it.  Don’t give me that face.  It was delicious.  Then I started the second disk of Les Vampires, a French film serial from 1915 that we sampled for Vampire lit.  I would rather watch it in a group, but getting people to come over for 15 45-min episodes of silent film is arduous.

And for some reason, I thought that what my afternoon really needed was more Math.  So I broke out my notebook and started tackling the exercises the professor hands out for bonus test points.  A couple of hours later, I decided to get ahead on the online homework.

Then Buddy got home.  I realized that I really should have done the grocery shopping on my way home because now I didn’t have time to go shopping and make it to choir.  And then I checked my email, wherein I discovered a reminder from my Art professor about the 6-8 page paper due tomorrow.

I just wanted to quit.  I wanted to sit down and cry.  I wanted to break something.  A whole afternoon on Math.  Not baking cookies for the game night tomorrow, not making truffles for the FRG fundraiser, not writing a paper that I completely forgot about, not doing anything of any use.

I gave myself a migraine not crying about this eff-up.  I spent the drive to the Commissary focusing on how I would get the baking done and trying out different intros for my paper.  I don’t have a lot to work on, but hopefully my honorary degree in BS will make up for that.

I finished the baking at 9:30.  Dinner was leftover avocado with chicken and broccoli.  Watched some Olympics.  Now I’m just trying to see how long I can put off this paper.  Not much longer, I guess.  Wish me luck.


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