Brain Poem

5pm yesterday => Migraine Level: Tin Foil Wreath

<intermission to bake>

10pm yesterday => Migraine Level: Tin Foil Troll Leaning on my Third Eye

<intermission to write research paper>

6am => Migraine Level: Nausea

7am => Migraine Level: Good-bye Dinner

7:30am => Migraine Level: Dry Heaving

8am => Migraine Level: Receding Nausea

I did not stay up writing a paper until 6am to call in sick.  This stage will pass.  I am an expert on this cycle, goram-it.


Go away, pain.

You’re not wanted here.

Want dark, warm cocoon, dark, dark, dark.

Want phantom bass beat that I hate so much

Piped straight into my brain

Exorcise the tin foil demon

Stop it scratching, gnawing, pushing, pushing, pushing

Pushing in, digging out, stretching bone

Always pressure, dragging my ears,

Whimper, pressure, pressure, pressure

Sick, sad, throb, sick

Just die, bleed out, suffocate under my purple alpaca hat

Leave me alone so I can school, can brain, can work, can play

Can live without pressure on throat where it connects to eyes

Crying makes it hurt, crying is why I got this

Violent force, must be controlled

Holding back stupid, irrational, female

Shut up stupid woman, you child, you puddle of fail

No tears, no time, fix problems, run life

Shut up brain

No one asked you.



15AM000000102011 · 10:10

2 responses to “Brain Poem

  1. ihavebetterthingstodo

    Call me when you feel this way. Crying is a stress reliever, and sometimes migraines are brought on by stress. When you 1st get that little tinge that says, “migraine coming” start drinking twice the water you usually do, no salt or soda for the rest of the day, no coffee or tea or diuretics.

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