Mary Poppins is Kind of a B*tch

I’m experiencing that strange sensation whereby I have finished my homework, but it isn’t midnight so it feels like I probably forgot something.  And, okay, I have a paper to write about vampires and studying to do for midterms and I could probably do math homework, but I really want to be in a good mood since good moods have been so rare of late.

I also read Mary Poppins today in the hopes that I could detect some Welsh mythological influence.  And I realized not only why Travers hated the movie, but also why the movie diverged so far from the text.  Mary Poppins is kind of a b*tch.  I have no idea why the children love her so much, except for the occasional bits of magic that happen, which she later denies.  Also, it makes me not want to see Saving Mr. Banks, despite the awesome acting skills of Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson.  The only reason I was tempted because Thompson, as Travers, says at one point that Mary Poppins is there to save Mr. Banks, not the children (in the promos), an idea I found intriguing.  Yet I see no evidence of that in the book.  Mr. Banks appears infrequently in the text, which makes me wonder if perhaps I should read the rest of the series.

Anyway, back to filling my time.



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2 responses to “Mary Poppins is Kind of a B*tch

  1. ihavebetterthingstodo

    You must see the movie. Fills in some of the back story, and it has Colin Farrell in it…. See, in the movie, she has a chance to save Mr. Banks who represents her beloved father, and in real life, he wasn’t saved.

    • I’ve spent nearly two years doing literary analysis. What bothers me is that I see no evidence of that motivation in the text. It looks like it is just another Disney fiction employed to make more money.

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