I vant to…read more books!

I expected today to be yet another failure.  I woke up really late (23 min before Math started with a 25 min commute) feeling sluggish and sickish and wonkyish.  I got to school and sat through an hour of Coleridge, who is certainly one of my favorite of the Romantics and yet another reminder that retaking classes due to transferring sucks.  Then it was a slow meander home with the expectation that an afternoon wasting nap was going to seal the failure day.

Then I didn’t nap.  I finished reading a book for Vampire Lit well ahead of schedule.  I had lunch while commenting on the online discussion for the film Vampyr (soooo creepy, soooo awesome).  I wandered around starting the Vampire paper due tomorrow.  That means I sat down, did a very lean outline, then started eating a clementine, which made it impossible to type because you need both hands to peel a clementine.  And since it is boring to just look at fruit even if it is delicious, I turned on the TV and started an old episode of Doctor Who, which I had to finish and involved at least three more clementines shoved down my gullet.

Ah, and now you’re thinking that the TV trapped me as it so often does, it being twice as motivation-sucking as napping.  But today, I clearly experienced the power of the Almighty, because at the end of the episode, I turned the TV off.  I know you don’t believe me.  I don’t believe me either.  I’m not saying it was a straight line from beginning the paper to finishing it, but I did finish it well before bed time.

Now I just have to study for a couple of mid-terms.  Or start another book.  Hmmm.  Decisions, decisions.


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