Apparently, I have a tone…

This is my 100th post on this blog.  I wish I had the time or energy to do something memorable or creative, even something funny, but I am utterly drained.  I had two midterms, neither of which I feel confident on.  One involved remembering the titles, artists, and dates of  600-year-old paintings (dates for many of these vary based on whether you are reading the textbook, the lecture slides, or the research articles).  The other was all about medieval Irish and Welsh mythology and involved 3 short answer questions and one essay question.  Not tough at all, except the questions were, “What are the principle characteristics, conventions, and themes of (Irish/Welsh) mythology?  Use a paragraph or two to discuss referencing tales we read.”  In what universe is one-two paragraphs a short answer?

Nevermind.  Test frustration comes of not being prepared, which I was.  Not prepared, I mean.  I did some last-minute studying, but I’m hitting that wall where I’m tired of just meeting requirements for a degree and want some actual job training.  That might be a bit too much to expect for higher education.  Job training and job experience is something you get in a job, perhaps interning, probably for free.

And these things weigh on me now because I’m almost at the end of my bachelors.  I work a part-time job that is beginning to give me anxiety.  I don’t know if I’ll show up to a quiet shop where everything is done and we just have to close or if it’s going to be one of those days where I can’t speak because I don’t trust my voice to remain polite.  I get a tone when I’m angry or frustrated, especially when I’m being spoken down to.  So, instead of pointlessly arguing with someone who doesn’t even realize how her tone is demoralizing all of her employees to the point where they will leap at a different job and never look back, I practice my thousand-yard stare and monosyllabic answers.

And you could say I’ve been in stressful work situations before and I’ve dealt with every kind of boss you can imagine.  And I can normally console myself with the reminder that bosses are temporary.  They all PCS eventually.  Now, it’s the reverse.  I have to get away from this job and start on my real career.

Happy 100th post.  Thanks for sticking with me.  Hoping spring break will give me time for creative writing.


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15PM00000092011 · 21:21

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  1. ihavebetterthingstodo

    Ya know…. 65% of the people with their degrees are working in fields they did not choose. Most would want to start their own businesses because 1) stupid boss or 2) stupid co workers. The thing to remember is that the closer you are to the “product” the less you get paid, and the more stress you endure.

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