Motivation: A Eulogy

I had a terrible dream last night.  When I got up this morning, I was sore and tense and not at all in a mood to do anything.  But I lucked out when I married Buddy.  He is funny and encouraging and will share his weird dreams with me for the sheer joy of actually having remembered one (it’s revenge for all the times I start spewing whatever demon nightmare followed me into the waking world).  Because of him, I was out of bed before noon on the first day of spring break (insert obligatory co-ed bra flash).  I know.  He’s a miracle.

I made scrambie eggs and cooked up a pack of bacon.  I even wrote down a recipe for the school paper.  You could say I was feeling productive.  I even did some more reading for my vampire class.  Then we went grocery shopping.

This is always a bit of an ordeal.  We are fortunate to have several grocery chains in the area, many of which offer excellent selection on items frequently difficult to find.  We also have a pretty decent Commissary, always our first stop.  It does run out of odd items, though.  Today, it looked like there hand been a run on Panko bread crumbs, of all things.  The only true downside about the Commissary is that all its patrons get paid on the same day, which makes payday (today) an especially bad day for shopping.  Oh, and we can’t get everything on our list there.  The produce isn’t always as good and the meat counter rarely has some of the options we look for (lamb shanks, not-lean ground beef, etc).

That’s why we go out of our way to hit places like Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, and Fresh Market (we miss you sooooo much, Publix).  They have much better selection, if you’re willing to pay a higher price.  Food is certainly one of the areas we are definitely happy to splurge on when it comes to quality.

After about 3 hours of shopping, we came home, had a snack (carrots and hummus, yum), then headed out to a local shopping center to watch some friends play for a Mardi Gras Festival.  The plan was simple: watch a few tunes, chat for a bit, pick up super awesome cupcakes (Ethereal Cupcakes), return home in time for the hockey game and ready to make meatballs for dinner.

Here’s some advice.  If you pick up gourmet cupcakes, don’t eat them until you are done for the day.  I chowed down on my Dangerously Delicious cupcake (chocolate cake, ganache topping, mascarpone frosting => definition of dangerous) and by the time we got home, I was ready to go to bed.  So now I’m just storing up energy so I can nuke a chicken breast and frozen veggies.

Cupcakes = Death of Motivation

And in other news, I bought my first Girl Scout cookies for the season.  The Scouts were dressed up as cookies.  One of them was dancing about like one of those Lady Liberty’s that start popping up around tax places in January.  Just so we’re clear on my devotion to these cookies, I propose that the song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” only be played for Thin Mint season.  That is all.


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  1. ihavebetterthingstodo

    Madison Hensley, 2 of my students, one of the neighbors and Kali are all selling GS cookies. However it’s not like the year I bought 50 boxes!
    We were ROBBED! We were promised 4-6″ of snow and got a dusting. D,: (that’s a Waaaaahhhhh emote) Still -2 degrees and wind though.

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