Bad Dreams

This Ukraine thing needs to get resolved.  It’s destructive, corrosive, and like many conflicts, it is complex and starting to snowball into one of those issues.  Almost immediately, it stopped being about whatever it’s about and became a platform for conspiracy theories, political propaganda, and Cold War nostalgia.

But most importantly, it has been a path by which Vladimir Putin can invade…my subconscious.  Last night, he strolled in and asked everyone what they were dressing up as for Halloween, happily giving suggestions like “Putin circa 2007,” while his goon-like assistant gave off an aura reminiscent of Jaws from the Bond movies.  So everyone is being forcefully cheerful while this goony-bird makes it clear that he owns us and can do as he wants while we helplessly grin and pray that he can’t read the spiteful thoughts dancing along our brains.

The dream probably had nothing to do with Ukraine, or Putin, or even world politics.  It was more likely some expression of my recent job anxieties, but still, I would much prefer it if my subconscious found someone else to represent my issues.


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