Good Day/Bad Day

It’s been a day.  I had all my favorite classes and I actually managed to contribute to the conversation in Vampires today.  Granted I was trying to explain why I felt sympathetic toward the pedophile/murderer, but that’s the kind of thing you have to do when you’re discussing a Swedish vampire book (Let the Right One In => I highly recommend it).  I also got to courteously tell someone that we were switching up the blog groups.

Here’s the thing, teacher says she wants blog groups of 3-4.  Due to complex social conventions I don’t fully understand, we ended up with a group of 6.  So we decided to work together and then split the group in two for posting.  We decided who was in which group and when the teacher opened the sign-up list, I leaped on group one.  Then Dumb Girl (she is not actually dumb, probably, she just annoys me), who was supposed to be in the other group, cocked it up by joining my group.

The problem with having a bigger group is that it makes scheduling meetings more complicated (people are apparently incapable of communicating in any other manner than face-to-face).  And then there are the people who don’t like to participate at all, to include not bothering to show up to meetings, etc.  We had a meeting before Spring Break and half the group didn’t show; one from mine, two from the other.  Made it a little difficult to really discuss anything.  And we thought, “Hey, why don’t we rearrange the groups for the next blog so that the three of us who reliably show up are in the same group.”

I think my two co-conspirators thought it would be best to just switch groups on the sly.  When the next blog opens, they would just make sure they sign up for my group first.  But part of the reason I got stuck with such a large group is because they are all friends.  You know how that is, right?  A casual friend joins you for lunch and he/she is joined by a bunch of other friends that you don’t particularly like, but you can’t just get up and leave.  And why should you leave.  You were here first.  Anyway, the sneaky way couldn’t work.  And if it did, peeps would be all disgruntled by the subterfuge.

So, when one of the girls from the other group got to class, I told her we were switching the groups, because that’s what responsible adults do.  She asked why and I told her, truthfully, that our schedules synced up best.  Then I said that she was getting Dumb Girl, who is her friend, not mine.  Her mature response?  “What the f*ck?”  When I turned her exclamation in to a question, she complains that now she will have to do all the work.  The guy who was going to switch groups, in clear panic, stammered that we didn’t have to change groups.

Here’s the part that really bugs me.  She’s full of sh*t.  A) She didn’t show up to either meeting we had for the most recent blog AND she didn’t post any comments to the google doc I posted for the purpose of sharing ideas.  Based on what her group posted this week (on cowboys as modern knights), she didn’t do much work on  it at all, to include basic proof-reading.  B) Dumb Girl, while she needs prodding, is capable of participating.  We did our post on Neverwhere,  and while I had time to read the novel and loaned the other girl the graphic novel, Dumb Girl went and watched the BBC miniseries that the book is based on.  She contributed a good deal to the post and while it wasn’t all what I would call “gold,” it wasn’t what I would call dumb, either.  C) DUMB GIRL IS HER GORAM FRIEND.  I DIDN’T WANT HER IN MY GROUP.  AND PEOPLE WHO DON’T RESPOND TO EMAILS OR POST ON DISCUSSIONS DON’T GET TO BE UPSET ABOUT DECISIONS MADE BY PEOPLE WHO DO SHOW UP.

It shouldn’t matter anyway, since we’re all working together.  Whatevs.

I got to interview the Green Team (Environmental Sustainability) for the paper, which went pretty well.  They seem super enthusiastic about stuff.

I was also published today:

Then I went to work.  I didn’t speak much. We closed an hour and a half later than usual.  My co-workers have decided that since I’m the fastest at dishes and I like doing dishes (hot water, task I can’t possibly screw up), that they’re going to start saving the dishes for me.  And because I want them done quickly, and done my way (the best way, but not so best that I want to try making anyone else do it that way), I do them.  I am tired of smelling like bleach but at least I rarely get that tone directed at me.  I just…never mind.  Waste of energy.

Then I found my Mom’s blog:

She just started documenting her struggle with weight loss, which I have been trying to help her with from a distance.  It isn’t like some stupid TV show where a bunch of twenty-somethings try to get beautiful.  It is a genuine struggle and I look forward to doing all I can to encourage her in this endeavor.  By writing about her experience, she is not only keeping track of her habits/progress, she is giving people a unique perspective on a huge problem in this country.

We shame obese people, you know.  Why don’t you just go to the gym?  Why don’t you just eat better?  It’s not hard.  I know I’ve had these thoughts.  But I’ve never had to struggle with my weight, not yet, so what the h*ll do I know?  It’s that “just” which causes the most harm, as though changing decades-old habits should come easily, like flicking on a switch.  And even when people start, there’s this pressure for immediate results, like everything else in this instant society.  Those weight loss commercials don’t help.  I lost 180 lbs in just 2 weeks!  BS.  Even if a magic pill or smoothie managed that kind of radical change, the weight loss was not due to behavioral change, cannot be healthy (since the human body does not like radical change, just ask deep-sea divers), and will therefore be short-lived.

And now that I have my opinion column for next week, it’s time for me to do the dinner dishes (Buddy cooked, so I clean) and get to bed.

And in the morning, when I awaken exhausted as usual, I will think “Why don’t I just go to bed earlier?”



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