A few more Victories.

I did not fail two tests today.  I feel a bit iffy about the English one, but that’s only because I looked back at the essay I’d spent 20 min writing and realized I hadn’t really followed the instructions and only had 5 min to make a recovery.

We got the word that if Buddy chose Korea, he would do the one year tour and return here so we wouldn’t have to move.  Also, if he gets the DOTD job he’s applying for, it will trump any transition orders so we still won’t have to move.  And the DA guy messaged me on the Facebook to apologize for the shiz situation, which he didn’t have to do, but I appreciate since we’re battles and all.

I finally told my boss that I couldn’t work Mother’s Day.  Huge weight off my chest.  Now I have to start deciding if I want to go back after Mother’s Day at all.

My one fail (that I noticed) was responding rudely to a comment my mom left on yesterday’s post.  I know she didn’t mean to, but she came across as condescending, self-righteous, and plain rude.  I deal enough with that at work and I may have (read:definitely) snapped more sharply than the comment called for.  I’ll blame PMS, because it’s a handy and probably accurate excuse.  Sorry, Mom.  Please don’t stop commenting.  I appreciate your attention and I understand that typing does not fully convey intention let alone tone.

Good night, b*tches.


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15AM000000122011 · 00:14

One response to “A few more Victories.

  1. I didn’t take it as snippy, but I could if you like…
    No one likes to have their decisions criticized in public, and I shouldn’t have said anything.

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