A Funny Thing Happened…

We keep weeknight meals simple.  Chicken and veggies Monday/Wednesday/Friday, Tilapia and veggies Tuesday/Thursday.  This serves three purposes.  1) We don’t have to plan dinner, which is a pain during the week.  2) It says us money because we don’t go out to eat during the week (after giving up on trying to plan dinner).  3) We eat healthier without having to think too hard on the subject.  Half a chicken breast or one and a half tilapia filets is an excellent serving size of a universally recognized healthy meat, and a wide array of steamed veggies keeps things interesting enough.  (Are you taking notes?  This is good advice for people looking for ways to cut back on proportion size and get in the habit of healthier eating.  We also do salads with mixed greens, never iceberg lettuce, bell peppers, a little EVOO and balsamic vinegar, a dash of S & P, and fresh Parmesan.  And salt-free seasoning blends allow us to dress up relatively bland entrees any way we want…)

We usually cook three chicken breasts at a time so the rest of the week we have easy 10 min meals to nuke.  So Monday, since Buddy has been doing so much of the cooking lately and I have spare time to do things besides homework, I decided to take care of it.  Lined a baking dish with foil, sprayed with olive oil, put the meat thermometer in the middle chicken breast, and set the thermometer to go off at 165°F.  I sprinkled them all with S & P, gave one a generous helping of Italian seasoning, and put them in my 350°F oven (my other blog is about cooking, sorry).

When they were done I folded the tinfoil edges over the remaining two chicken breasts so we could eat without worrying about the cats getting at them.  I left the dishes for Buddy.

Fast-forward to today at about 8pm.  With rumbling tummy, I checked that Buddy was recovered enough from his run for dinner and went to get a chicken for nukeage.  But there wasn’t a chicken container of chicken in the fridge.  Now, we have a pretty big fridge, but it is also pretty neat if you ignore the condiments shelves in the door, which I mostly do.  Still, I wasn’t sure.  Sometimes, I miss things right in front of my face.  Did I just cook the chicken Monday?  I don’t see any defrosting chicken, so I must have, right?  I had Buddy come give a second opinion.

This is where it got funny because it didn’t end with us staring dumbfounded in the chicken-free fridge.  We both checked the microwave, then Buddy started checking cabinets and finally started interrogating the cats.  I started laughing and offered up a theory.  The chicken never left the foil.  I didn’t put the chicken straight into a container and Buddy just transferred the foil to the trash.  Fail on both our parts.

We laughed for a long time about this.  I suppose I could have gotten angry, or he could have.  It would have been a great fight, lots of name calling and old resentments, and such.  Instead we laughed about the wasted $2.33 and went to Panera.  I’m smiling now, remembering him peering into our organized cabinets as though the  meat had tried to make a break for it.

This is probably not a funny story to you.  No slapstick, no subtle wit, no embarrassment, no cream pie.  I’m just happy that we can laugh about stupid stuff like this.


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