Tin Foil Hats and Garlic Mace

Whenever I read something by Edgar Allan Poe, I hear it in Vincent Price’s voice.  It’s surprisingly soothing.

We watched Blade this week in my Vampire class.  Ignoring some of the more, ahem, dramatic bits, I found it to be a lot more interesting than I remember.  I think it’s because this is one of the first instances in modern interpretations that vampires are seen in large numbers, with a hierarchical society, at least in this class.  Buffy came out earlier, but it still followed a more traditional set up.  One master vampire (Dracula figure), the rest are minion types.  Vampires have their own writing, language, myths, rule of law, ruling aristocracy, all the workings of a fully functioning society.  Except that it’s a parasitic society which lives in tandem and in secret.  I really need to get back into the comics.

They are no longer a fear of invasion or reverse-colonization.  They are the fear that we have been colonized and we didn’t notice.  True conspiracy theory paranoia.  Fun.


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