Small Joys

Yesterday, we went to grill with friends, the first grill out of the season.  It was a little chilly, so we mostly hung out indoors.  The food was great, the people were great, and it was just a wonderful night.  It was the type of evening that you feel the next day, cuz all the laughing is quite an ab work out.  The Brian Wilson impersonation went on far longer than it should have, but we couldn’t stop laughing.  The plan to leave at 9 was obliterated when the Cranium game was set up.  We lost, but it’s all Thomas Edison’s fault (did he have to invent so many diverse things).  I got to see the end of Frozen and have the rest of it explained by an 8-year-old, so I think I get it.

My friend got a Mini and the four of us (her and her husband, me and mine) rode down to the grill out together.  That’s right, four of us in a British clown car driven by a German who has trouble remembering that she isn’t on the autobahn.  It was surprisingly comfy and ended up being the greatest source of joy for the evening.  On the drive back, Buddy found the button that worked the interior, ambient lights.  I’ve  never seen my friend quite so excited as when the lights turned from blue to purple and then to pink.  She lost her MIND.  It was the best part of the evening.


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