Doggone Detours

I have to make this brief because it is already very late and today is my last day of classes and I have to get up early for reasons I’ll explain in a bit.

And already I’ve succumbed to the rule that saying I’ll be brief means this will be very long.

Last day of Math today.  Huzzah.  I zoomed home to get my Blade paper finished.  Every realize after you’ve written most of a paper (minus proofs and citations) that you need to go in an entirely different direction?  Yup.  So I spent the afternoon trying to do that.

But I couldn’t sit still.  I was waiting for our garage shelves to show up so every car that drove past made me check out the window.  Yes, I wanted to be distracted.  That’s not the point.  The point is, um, shut up.

I watched the movie for the second time this week, taking notes on what I thought was important to my new paper direction and getting rough time estimates.  Then it was all pecking away at the paper, trying to salvage what I could from the original until I finally conceded defeat and chucked all the old material except the intro.

The shelves came around 4:30, effectively cutting off my street to any wide vehicles.  Watching my neighbors edge their vehicles between the truck and the deep-enough drainage ditch on our too-narrow street made me eager for them to get done.  When the driver asked if I wanted them to unpack the boxes, I said no.  We were going to do that later.

When I got home, there was a Fedex sticker on the door.  They must have got there right after I left.  Anyway, now that the shelves were delivered, I could drive down to Fedex to pick up whatever it was they couldn’t leave at my door.  It was a twenty-minute drive.  Once inside Fedex, I discovered that my wallet was still in my backpack at home.  And of course you need an ID to collect packages.

It was a very careful, please-don’t-pull-me-over, don’t-you-dare-hit-me, drive back to retrieve my wallet.

On the drive back to Fedex, I decided that I required a cupcake for all this effort.

The package turned out to be my new phone.  It is purple.  It has a purple case.  It has a purple charging dock.  I’m pretty stoked.  I pick up a couple of gourmet cupcakes and decided (with Buddy’s encouragement) to pop over to the phone store to set up my new phone.

There I found put that I am not an authorized user on my husband’s account so I’m not allowed to add devices or change Sim cards.

But it’s no big deal.  They gave me a Sim card and all I had to do was call customer care to set it up.  They lady on the phone was really nice.  It all went really swiftly.

But my new phone couldn’t get on the mobile network.  After a good half hour on the phone, it was determined that my Sim card was faulty and I needed to get a new one.  The lady even put a note in the account that I was allowed to make changes since she had spoken to Buddy (which she hadn’t, but God bless her for trying).

Back at the store, everyone and their mother suddenly needed a phone, so I had about a twenty-minute wait to get a new Sim card and further assurances that since I wasn’t an authorized user on the account, no amount of notes in the world could allow them to activate it for me.

But that’s ok because all I had to do was call customer care on my old phone…which is no longer has a working Sim card since the new number was added.

I got home three hours after leaving for my little errand.  Then I wasted another hour and a half on dinner and procrastinating and patiently awaiting the return of a working phone, I mean, my loving husband.

I explained all of this to Buddy when he got home.  A few minutes on the computer made me an authorized user (we think), but we couldn’t add my phone online because the phone company doesn’t have my phone model in their database (because they don’t personally sell it).  So I was back to calling customer care.  Which was closed.  I’ll be getting up at 7:00 to drop them a line.

Oh, and the movers were supposed to assemble the shelves.  That was part of the deal, apparently, though it wasn’t part of the deal for anyone to tell me that.

<hands thrown up in the air>

I did finish my paper, though it was at that point in the early morning where I can’t seem to give a flying frack about consistent tenses and coherence of ideas.


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