So, I went on vacation in May for a week.  I don’t like advertising when I go out of town, so I decided to lay off posting for that week.  I planned to write everyday, just not post.  And then I didn’t write at all.  It was kind of strange.  The least I could have done was a daily log of our vacation, which was full of fun and interesting things to talk about.  But I didn’t.  I did a lot of reading.  And since I got back, the daily writing habit has proved difficult to reestablish.

I wish I could say I was busy.  Yeah, no.  I don’t know where June has gone, but I haven’t spent it being productive.  On the up-side, I have kept up with my recipe resolution.  I just haven’t been posting the recipes reliably.  I vow, here and now, to get on that.  Soon.

Buddy and I have been thoroughly roped into Battlestar Gallactica.  Granted, the second season had a lot of “who wrote this crap” moments, but I’m hoping it doesn’t pull a Lost or True Blood or Heroes in the third season.  I think part of the problem is that the main setting for the show is on a military ship and we are seeing a lot of things that are clearly what civilians think happen in the military.  The military is not a police force.  It is not an office of inquiry or a group of would-be assassins.  No Commander worth his stones would sacrifice his best pilot in an ill-planned assassination attempt.  Killing a bad officer is so far away from probable behavior that we knew it wasn’t going to actually happen.  Plus the fact that murder seems to be something we just pretend didn’t happen so long as the murderer was someone we liked.  I think after the hostage situation episode, Buddy asked me if I was taking notes on what not to do.  Of course I was.

That’s the thing about my fandom.  I love a wide variety of nerd universes.  Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, the list goes on.  And on and on.  But I don’t drool devotedly over every teeny tiny detail.  I don’t argue about which is better.  They all shine in their own way.  They are all deeply flawed, too.  I will argue against anyone who claims a perfect universe, a perfect story.  It doesn’t exist.  There are always and will always be badly written episodes, unlikely plot twists, unrealistic explanations, stupid characters, blatant crowd-pleasing, and boring exposition.  No one is without flaws.  Ask George Lucas or Peter Jackson.  They were gods of the nerdverse until the second trilogy.

What I’m trying to say is, loving something doesn’t mean being blind to its flaws.  I recognize that many of the things I love cannot be appreciated by everyone.  I know that Doctor Who is an acquired taste and that not all episodes must have deep meaning.  Most are just fun runs.  That blind devotion is the reason I hate Twilighters and Game of Thrones fans (GoT-ers?).  Few of them look at the works objectively, which I understand is asking a lot of any fan.  I read Twilight twice and I enjoyed it, but I couldn’t get over the absurd Vampire mythos.  Humans are about as dangerous to those vampires as sheep are to humans.  We don’t hide from sheep, so why should they hide from humans?  I also read GoT.  I didn’t like the narrative form.  Switching every chapter to a new story line like that, especially considering how very many story lines there are, confused me (and I’ve been known to read three different books at once without getting confused), not to mention the predictable way he kills off characters I liked.  The whole series could do with a very cruel editor.  The movie/TV versions of both series failed utterly to catch my attention.  But I try to say any of this to a fan and I’m some kind of monster.  All I really want to do is point them toward the books that spoiled my palette for second-hand drivel and badly written sex scenes.  Then they would understand why I can’t get all doughy-eyed over those best-sellers.

I have a story idea.  It starts with a sushi chef and ends with genocide and murder.


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