Habit Breaker

Sunday, I was ready to kick this summer in the teeth.

Monday, I got a pretty good start (had to do my walk without my watch because the battery was dead) but was ultimately frustrated by some of my efforts.  Buddy and I had to get fancy cupcakes to boost my mood (also to celebrate our 2nd-1st Anniversary).  My throat was feeling scratchy so I took some cold meds before going to bed*.

Tuesday, I rolled out of bed, took more meds, and rolled back into bed.  Then I slept on and off all day.  Went to bed with a migraine, an upset stomach, and a bad feeling about my summer plans.

This morning, my throat was no longer scratchy, but I have a cough that has me looking over my shoulder for the Grim Reaper (if you knew how long it took me to come up with that we analogy, it would be abundantly clear how sick I am).  My head is packed with cotton and rusty nails.  But, I managed to make some chicken broth which is going to make this sick better, or else.

My school stuff is figured out, so at least that’s one thing I’m not worried about.

I’m going to have another…um..tea…or nap…or something.  Hate being sick.
*Buddy has a theory that it is actually the cold meds that cause colds.  He defeated his version of my cold with just cough drops, while mine seemed to drop like a hammer only after I took my first dose.  I’m beginning to think he might not be just paranoid.


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