Grandma Stories

My Mom-in-Law is a very nice, quiet woman who does things like stock her fridge with our favorite drinks when we come to visit.  She’s the type of woman who sends cards for every holiday.  If you mention off-hand what your favorite clothing store is in March, you will get a gift card to that store for Christmas.  She over-gifts, but not in a gaudy way, like she’s showing off how much money she has or anything.  It’s endearing.

And she is just so polite.  Which is why I found the following exchange so funny.  Buddy’s folks were hosting a BBQ while we were in town so we could visit with the rest of the local family, which consists of a brother and sister-in-law and their teenage sons.  It was getting on in the afternoon and Grandma was getting impatient for the other guests to arrive, mostly because she was worried about rain being forecast.

“You told them to be here at 4.”

“I told them they could come early.  Goalie Grandson is probably driving.  It always takes him twice as long.”

“Gasp!  Did Grandma just say that Goalie Grandson drives like a grandma?!?  I’m telling!!!”

“I only meant that he drives carefully.”

She spent the next half hour putting her foot in her mouth.  It was adorable.  And I did tell on her.


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