Comedies vs Bad TV

So, I had a late night.  Got a text from Dad that Mom was in the hospital (it was a kidney stone, pretty nasty).  That sort of makes sleep an unwelcome friend (lots of weird dreams).  Today, I did a lot of sleeping.  Because I’m still sick.  And, you know, not sleeping well.  And, okay, I don’t have much else to do.

But, well, if I sleep all day I feel like crap.  Also lazy.  Very, very lazy.

So when I started to doze off while reading, I sought entertainment from the TV.   Hundreds of channels (maybe thirty of which I regularly visit), hours of recorded shows (most of them are Buddy’s since I have so much time to watch mine).  And obviously, nothing to watch.  I settled on a horrific Jack Black/Michael Cena film.   Finally, I couldn’t stand it and switched over to the Netflix.

When Buddy came home some time later, he stared aghast at the screen as Xena, Warrior Princess, waged hand-to-hand combat with a guy while they both stood atop the heads of the crowd which had gathered to fight the battle.  In answer to his blatant horror at my entertainment choice, I explained.

“If I’m going to watch bad television, I’m going to watch good bad television.  Xena might be terrible, but I grew up loving this show and watching with my mom.  Way better than the crap they flog to us everyday.”

The lesson, kids?  Just because a movie has a bunch of famous, well-loved actors, doesn’t mean it’s worth wasting a couple of hours for half-cocked punch lines and gag-inducing gags.  And watch classic bad film and TV, with friends and booze.  It is much funnier than so-called comedies.


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