Mandatory Fun

I shouldn’t write about this.  If the wrong people read it, they might get upset.  But I’m really frakking annoyed.

Mandatory fun is exactly what it sounds like.  The boss says he/she wants to reward the troops for all their hard work.  Or maybe it’s just a quarterly event to build morale or something.  There’s a BBQ or potluck scheduled.  The boss wants to make sure it is fun so he delegates.  “Johnson!  Think of fun stuff to do!”  Johnson comes up with a few things, little games for the kids because kids need games while adults can just socialize.  Then a few days before the Fun, the boss demands games for the adults so that no one leaves early.  So Johnson scrambles to get together more fun stuff to make grown adults do.  Because that’s how you reward people for hard work.

Have you ever tried to make something fun?  Better question: has anyone (who is not your friend, but with whom you must be civil) ever tried to make you have fun?  It never works.  I have been forced to go to a BBQ on the beach in Hawaii.  Twice.  Both times, it was a Saturday right before deployment, as in, the last day I would have away from everyone there for the next year.  One of them started at 9 in the morning.  Everyone bailed as soon as the boss gave his little speech.

Another time, one of my bosses wanted to do a Frisbee football tournament.  But no one signed up, possibly because there just weren’t enough people to make big teams.  And, you know, musicians are not known for their athletic enthusiasm.  So we all showed up for the picnic and the bosses said everyone was going to play Frisbee football.  They named captains, who picked teams so we could have a stupid tournament of a stupid game which a dog could play better than me.  I was in flip-flops.  I spent my game walking from one side of the field to the other, my passive aggressive “eff you” strategy.

I have many stories of forced fun.  It never works.  Especially when the boss gets involved.  The best intentions turn to pot.

I hope it rains.  Except over that lady’s bathroom.  I wouldn’t wish a leaky bathroom ceiling on anyone.


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  1. Nearly every year, the hubby’s company hosts a company picnic. Sometimes it is catered, sometimes pot luck. They locate it at the Fun Park where there are go carts and video games and laser tag and mini golf. Every year we go and we have fun. It is intended for nerds and geeks that sit in cubicles all the time. Every year, my Senior Vice President had a 4th of July Party and a Halloween Party and a girls Christmas Party. They had a water slide at the 4th of July party. They had a costume contest and a piñata for the kiddies for Halloween. They had a pot luck and ornament exchange at the girl’s Christmas party. Those were fun. Now, our Regional VP is trying to follow in his footsteps. I hate them. I figured out that if I didn’t enjoy the company, I didn’t enjoy the activity. I don’t go if I can help it.

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