This Week was Kind of a Wash

Sunday night, Buddy asked me to go for a walk with him.  So I did.  We just went to the end of the street, only a little ways beyond where I’ve made it on my normal walk (20 min out and 20 min back).  According to Google, that’s 1.5 miles and should take me 29 minutes to walk.  I’ll admit I feel smug about beating Google’s pace.  I didn’t push myself too hard that evening, which I know because I didn’t bring my watch to keep track of my pace and I could still talk when we got back to the house.  It wasn’t a work out at all for Buddy, since he does real exercise.  He runs just about every day (sometimes twice a day) and goes to the gym for weight lifting after work.  That’s where he is right now.  Still, a walk helped stretch out his super long legs, which can get pretty stiff if he’s been over-doing it.

That walk made me realize a problem.  I was planning on bumping up my walk to 30 min out and back (1 hr total). this week.  I had forgotten how close I was to the end of the road, which peters off into private driveways a mere tenth of a mile past my furthest turn around point.  I needed to add ten minutes to my walk somehow.

Monday, I walked down a couple of the side roads, both of which turned out to me much shorter than I hoped.  It wasn’t enough.

Tuesday, I babysat for a friend in the morning.  I had intended to take the girls for a walk through the neighborhood (going so far as to show up in my workout clothes), but it was rainy.  In the right mood, I will walk in the rain.  I used to enjoy running in the rain.  However, I can’t take a couple of kids out in the rain.  When I got home, I stayed in my yoga pants because I was definitely walking once the weather cooled in the evening and not at all because they’re so comfortable.

I would like to publicly apologize to all the disparaging remarks I’ve made about people who wear yoga pants all day.  I totally get it now.  That being said, leggings are still not pants.

I did not end up going for my walk Tuesday.  Wednesday, I didn’t even try.  Got up, fed that cats, smashed my face back into my pillow, from which I did not emerge until lunch time.  My phone arrived in the mail, which took up the rest of my day.

Yesterday, I got my determination back.  On the walk out, I added a small side road to my route, but I still ended up hitting the turnaround point too early.  I reset my timer when I hit my turnaround point, left out the side roads and did what I should have done the first time.  Less than half a block from my house is a right turn into the housing development which doesn’t seem to fit at all in my neighborhood.

My house, by the way, doesn’t belong in my neighborhood.  It was built in 2011 across from a lot of small, single family older homes, many of them obviously prefab models.  Most are in decent shape, the neighbors are pretty friendly, but it’s not what I would call a “nice” neighborhood.  It’s almost nice.  The road is paved, but kind of narrow and has drain-off ditches which are often clogged with weeds and some trash.  The frogs and mosquitoes love them.  But just half a mile down the little road, there’s just forest on either side of the road for about of mile.  While it’s somewhat precarious without a sidewalk and only a ditch to jump into in case of rude drivers (I haven’t been run off the road, but some people drive way to fast for my comfort), it is so quiet and shady.  I like my walk.

The development down that side street has a couple of houses like mine (they were all built by the same company at the same time).  There still aren’t any sidewalks, but the storm drains are covered giving the people the option of parking on the shoulders (not an option on my street).  There is very little shade and everything is too bright and shiny.  None of the drivers wave.  The last block has the big houses, the one’s about 100 grand more than our little house and way too big for our needs.  They’re so pretty and brings out all the envy in me.  I feel really conspicuous on that street.

However, it adds a half a mile to my total route, bringing me to my hour goal without having to over-complicate things.  So I will suffer the immaculate and then return to my grunge.  Ah, the sacrifices we make for fitness, right?

Well, I had my route.  Then the migraine hit.  It started during the walk, but that happens.  I chugged my water bottle, had some breakfast, and then lay down for a nap.  I know lots of people get a huge energy boost after working out.  I get super sleepy and tend to have the best nap.  Besides, sometimes that’s the best cure for a headache.

When I woke up, it was still there but was manageable.  We were having a friend over for lunch, so I just set about getting ready and running errands.  As the afternoon wore on, the pain got worse, so I caved and took some meds.  It was too late.

When dinner came around, there was a rusty railroad spike hammering through my temple.  I was hiding under a blanket while I ate.  We watched the original Transformers (cartoon) movie and I could barely find the energy to make fun of it.  I took more meds (which you’re not supposed to do, but I was close to tears).  By this time, my stomach had joined in the hate-fest.

Bedtime saw little improvement.  I was not tired at all.  I tried reading and playing Sudoku, but no dice.  Eventually, I returned to the living room to read so that at least Buddy could get some rest.  Eventually, the spiking pain subsided and I just had to deal with the tin foil pressure that makes my teeth and nose hurt.  By the time I had to feed the cats (6:00 am), I finally felt tired.

Needless to say, I didn’t walk this morning.  I slept a couple of hours and then got up because I was getting a massage (payment for babysitting).  My stomach was still irritated, but it wasn’t too bad.  Most importantly, my head was clear.

I rambled quite a bit on this post, but just wanted you to know that I walked twice, didn’t do any strength building exercises.  I got a new phone.  I had a bad migraine.  This week was kind of a wash and I’m not counting it.



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3 responses to “This Week was Kind of a Wash

  1. Believe it or not, these weeks happen. Just try again tomorrow. Awesome for trying to up your route!

  2. it is easy to make a habit of it. That’s the danger.

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