Does This Really Need a Title?

Well, so far the incentive is working.  My walk went well, though it was really warm this morning.

I did four sets of muscular strengthening.  I’m still doing push-ups on my knees.  I did one regular push-up.  That was…humorous.  As in slow, laborious, and fortunately not witnessed by another human being.

I struggled through my work out, even the abs.  It was a little depressing, but it could be worse.  I could complete the work out and I did have to work for it.

There is a delicate balance in designing a work out program.  Variety is good because it keeps you interested and makes sure you overlapping muscle groups.  However, too much variety can just be overwhelming.  Difficulty is also tricky to figure out.  Too easy and you get no improvement.  Too hard and you could injure yourself.

I like to group my exercises into four categories: upper body, upper abs, lower body, and back.  Right now, I’m only using one exercise per group.

Another aspect you must plan for is how to increase difficulty.  You can up the time and reps.  I prefer timing my exercises.  When my goal is a number of reps, my brain turns my muscles off when I reach that number.  With a time limit, I just have to keep going until the timer goes off.

I’m up to 30 secs.  I think before I up the time again, I’m going to add an exercise to each group.

I am not an expert.  This is a super boring post.  Sorry.  I took a nap after my work out and I haven’t recovered.


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