Ironic Whistling

I got whistled at today.

A truck stopped to let me cross the street.  And then I was whistled at.

My initial response was incredulity.  I looked around and the passenger in the truck, a scruffy-looking fellow, smiled and waved as they drove away.

My second response was to regret that my hand was too full of books to flip them off.

My third response was, well, I got whistled at.  When you know deep down that you aren’t pretty, even as a forward-thinking, modern woman, you can’t help but grin hugely to yourself when you get some harmless attention from a complete stranger.

Even now, I’m certain that he couldn’t have possibly have seen me that well in the bright sunshine.  Or he was whistling ironically.



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3 responses to “Ironic Whistling

  1. have you looked at your picture? Have you walked by a mirror or a store window? Have you walked past your wedding pictures. Not Pretty? Are you wearing a mask? Did you black out one of your teeth? Did you draw a big wart on your chin (with the little hairs sticking out…) You understand that cute clothes (like your workout clothes) don’t look cute on everyone. You have to be cute to wear cute clothes. Don’t deny that you’re pretty, or I’m gonna have to come over there and smack you.

  2. What do you mean not pretty???? This is going in insight a list of rants from me…but simply, who are you comparing yourself too? Because if it’s not simply you, then you are doing it wrong!
    You are gorgeous. You have a ferocious spirit. That. Is. Beautiful.
    Just don’t…I’m getting off my soap box before I get to far ahead of myself.



    Ughh…just stop. No…nope…Not listening…

    Be your own whistle.

    There…done…soap box is gone…oh hell, don’t you know buddy is also your whistle?

    Okay, now I’m done.

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