Baby Steps

Today was a baby steps day.

Last night, I had a friend hang out for a couple hours while Buddy was at rehearsal.  It’s her last week in town, so it was really important to both of us to get together.  She is my only close school friend, but she graduated last spring and it’s time for her to move on to the adult world.  She’s the only school friend with whom I’m comfortable discussing all the dumb people and other frustrations.  I don’t have to introduce her to my favorite authors because she’s already a fan.  We didn’t hang out too much outside of school, but that’s why she’s a school friend.  Last semester was the first time we didn’t have classes together and lunch at the same.  It made me sad.  I don’t make friends easily so I had a very quiet semester.  So she stopped by and we drank some Spumante Rosso while I put tray after tray of cookies in the oven.

The wine went straight to my head, riding high on those delicious bubbles.  Buddy and I had a late dinner after she left and I put off cleaning up and homework until my brain was unfogged.  By the time I was clear-headed again, it was nearly midnight.  Still, I watched several episodes of the Simpsons before going to bed…and realizing that I still had a mountain of laundry that had grown beyond the capacity of the laundry basket and had avalanched onto the bed with which I so wanted to be in a serious relationship.  After hastily folding most of my clothes, I propped myself in bed to attempt getting through my reading for today.  It was about 2:00 am when I finally caved.

I snoozed my alarm until around 6:20.  It starts going off at 6:00 because that’s when we feed the cats.  By 6:20, Ninja was braving the motion-detecting air sprayer (the “alarm”) to scratch at the door, so I crawled out of bed to be a good mommy.  That was the first and most pivotal baby step of the morning.  I have made the morning feeding of the kitties my responsibility, so it is not an option for me to hope that Buddy will do it.  That first effort to leave the warmth of the bed is the Everest of my day.  Once achieving that victory, I have a 90% chance of finishing my morning routine, barring migraines or other illness.

Kitties fed, I returned to the bedroom, a large part of me dead set on getting back into bed.  My legs are sore.  I’m really tired.  My eyes are itchy.  It’s gonna be a long damn day.

Well, at least get into your work out clothes.  You’re already up.  It will actually take you more effort to get back into bed and back to sleep (that’s the type of whopping lie I will only believe when I’m really tired).  Besides, you like your work out clothes.  They are really cute and so comfy.  No one says you have to actually go for a walk.  Just, you know, get a little more comfortable.

Fine.  But I make no promises.

Now, maybe you could see your way to grabbing your water bottle and going to the kitchen.  You can refill your water bottle.  You like water.

Yeah, so?  What’s it to you?

Oh, nothing.  Just wanted to point out the nice cold water in the kitchen.

Mmmm, water.  Drool.

And now that you’re in the kitchen, I mean, you can see the front door, right?  It’s just a matter of putting on your watch and sunglasses.  And now your shoes.

Fine, Ms. Bossypants.  But you can’t make me enthusiastic, got it?  I’m gonna take an easier pace because my legs are sore and I just don’t feel like pushing myself today.  Is that okay with you?  Huh?

Oh, no, you’ll get no objections from me.  Just pretend I’m not even here.

I will!

Because, of course, I’m not here.  Just a figment of your imagination.

Damn straight!  And don’t you forget it. I’m the master of my own decisions!

Crap.  How did I get outside?  Now I have to walk because a neighbor saw me.  You win this round, nagging conscience!


I did take a much slower pace, but it was fast enough to warm up sore muscles and keep my breathing up.  It was really warm out, too, so I’m glad I slowed down some.  And I saw a wild turkey.


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