Victory of the Excuses

Friday, the excuses won.  I didn’t even fight it.

However, that evening I got back at the excuses.  Buddy and I dug a fire pit.  It was hard work and it was really hot out.  Saturday morning, after I went to the farmers’ market, I changed into my heavy-duty jeans and my boots and attacked the forest.  This involved pruning shears, a branch trimmer, and a rake.  I took down a couple of small trees and took out about 2 square feet of tangled vines.  I also found a couple of purple flowers that I moved to the front flower beds.  This took about 2 hours and was exhausting.  It wasn’t as difficult as what Buddy did that morning.

The first time we tried to clear out some of the forest (Buddy and me plus our friend with his chainsaw), we found a huge concrete slab at the base of a tree.  It’s at least 5×5 feet.  The boys attacked it with a sledgehammer, breaking of chunks at time and lugging them over to a different part of the yard. They eventually gave up on getting rid of the entire slab and it is still a sizable annoyance, though the greenery has completely obscured it from view again.

We used some of the concrete chunks to make a base for the massive woodpile that resulted from our first forest culling.  The rest went to a pile to be disposed of at some later date.  Except it never got disposed of, for various reasons, mostly laziness.  This lack was actually fortuitous for our spontaneous fire pit.  We’ve been talking about buying a fire pit for some time, but it was really something for when we do the BIG PROJECT for the back yard (clearing the forest, building a deck/patio, putting up a shed, etc).  Last week, though, was a bad week for Buddy.  Work was non-stop stress and frustration, so much so that he is really looking forward to Korea.  For a normal person, that’s kind of like looking forward to your dental appointment because of a toothache.  No one looks forward to Korea unless their current duty station is toothache-y.   They had their last summer concert on Thursday, the rehearsals for which were a non-stop source of aggravation.  There was a bake sale that night for the unit, to which I contributed a double batch of mixed-chip cookies.  I had a ton left over, so I said let’s build a fire pit and have s’mookies with our friends.  Thus, last-minute fire pit in the yard (which made us upgrade our small get-together to a full-on BBQ).

Now, we watch DIY a lot and they show little projects we can do at home, like fire pits.  You’re supposed to dig down and line the pit with sand and then surround it with paving stones or something.  We dug down about a foot and then dumped those concrete chunks into the center.  We spread them out some and then Buddy went after them with the sledge-hammer.  He didn’t get them down to a sand level, but he broke them up enough to make a pretty even base for the fire.  Then he took some other slabs of red concrete and used those to line the edges of the pit.

Fire Pit

Ta da!  Great example of up-cycling.  I am still sore from that work.  Take that, excuses.

So far this week, I’ve used my walk time to do homework.  I was behind last week on my reading because I didn’t have all my textbooks, so this whole weekend was catching up as well as reading ahead and doing side research for all the papers I have to write this semester.  I don’t think I’ll get my chocolate this week, if only because I got a surprise 5-8 page paper due Sunday on a book I haven’t read yet because it hasn’t been assigned yet.  I miss walking a bit, but I’m considering doing yard work in the morning instead.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow morning.


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