Practical Reasons for Missing My Husband

There are lots of obvious reasons for missing my hubby.  Most are emotional, of course.  But since we just passed the six month mark, I thought I might enumerate some of the daily reminders.

1. Chores:  Maintaining a house is work, but at least with him here, we can divide the work load.  We  trade-off on doing the litter every night.  If one of us cooks dinner, the other washes dishes.  When I run the dishwasher, he empties it and vice versa.  Plus, when we have friends over, cleaning up the house and prepping food goes twice as fast before.  And when everyone leaves, we eventually get everything cleaned up because at least one of us will be prepared to motivate the other.

2. Two-Man Jobs:  The thing about houses is that they are large and rife with tasks that seem to require two people.  Like emptying the gutters.  I have a ladder, but need someone to hold it.  Or spring-cleaning the flowerbeds.  I admit that I managed this on my own this year, but it was a lot of rigorous work and would have gone more smoothly with a partner.  Especially one willing to do more of the heavy lifting.DSC_1088DSC_1089DSC_1113DSC_1116DSC_1114

3. Heavy Lifting:  Now, I am a grown woman and do not need any man to open doors for me or carry my groceries or any other pansy BS.  However, when I was at Lowes to pick up the lawn supplies (9 bags of mulch, 4 bags tree/shrub top soil, 1 bag garden soil, 16 bags top soil, 1 sage plant, 2 Goldie yarrow plants), I could have used my big, strong, manly husband to load the cart, push the unbelievably heavy cart to the register, and then help me load my car.  Now, I did get help from some of the staff on all these tasks, but I hated having to ask.  Additionally, my husband is particularly good at efficiently packing our vehicles.  And he would have known to bring his car instead of mine, which has more cargo space.

4. Manly Tasks:  Okay, in an objective world, there are no such things as jobs delineated by gender, because only willpower and ability (or lack thereof) are barriers.  To be perfectly honest, the jobs that fall primarily to my husband are those tasks which I would prefer not to do.  Top of that short list is mowing the lawn, which I imagine is going to be my eternal torture if I end up in Hell.  Now, since mowing the lawn is his permanent chore because he doesn’t mind doing it, I do all the laundry since I don’t mind doing that.  It isn’t an even exchange, in my opinion, but it works for us.  All the other “manly” tasks are just those I don’t know how to do, like home or vehicle repairs.

5. Ladder Work:  I am 5’4.  My husband is not.  My step-ladder has been used a great deal more the last six months.  And Buddy has little difficulty replacing the air filters in the ceiling, while even with the ladder I have a hard time reaching.

6. My back is cold when I sleep.


That is all.


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