Lady Bertram to Fanny

Yesterday, I found myself explaining to an incredulous teenager why I chose to get a P/T job.  I must have something to keep me sane.  I was so BORED.  House too empty and quiet, no one to talk to but the cats.  I picked up crochet again, to a pretty insane level.  And I watched a TON of TV and Netflix.  And I slept too much.  And it was boring and depressing.  I wanted a job in books, still do.  But while I was waiting around for responses from publishers and internships, I was going crazy.

And applying for P/T work felt like giving up.  Getting a retail job is not what I wanted at all.

But I spent 6 months not contributing to my own life.  Not needed.  Not wanted.  And now I am useful and helpful.  I have coworkers who are already addicted to my food.  Everyday, I get to help people.  I get to color-code fabric, put buttons on the correct hooks, and in general feed my OCD-ish need to keep stuff tidy.  It is enough for now.  I still have time for my hobbies.  And the commute is getting me through a ton of audio books.

So, teenagers, be advised.  Your dream might be to have a permanent summer, no school, no job, no responsibilities. But I’ve done it and it gets old.


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