Daily Dose

So today didn’t start well.  I mean, in some regards, it was great.  Buddy woke up with a headache so I got to sleep in three more hours than I’d planned.  Really, all the awesome of this morning was on my side since I woke up sans headache and got to sleep.  This is how I wish every day started.

The most difficult part of any goal is starting.  This is well known.  In fact, some people think that if only you get past the first steps, everything else will come easily.  This is nominally true depending on what goal we’re trying to reach.  However, when starting a new routine it is safe to assume that each and every morning counts as a first step.  That’s how it is for me, anyway.  Every time I wake up, my tired body colludes with my tired mind to make excuses.  They’re not always bad excuses.  Gosh, I slept in and now I only have time to brush my teeth and grab an English muffin before I’m late for work.  Guess I’m not getting that walk in this morning.  Honestly, if I can only be on time by not making coffee, then I’m going to be five minutes late.  That kind of sacrifice on your end makes life safer for everyone else.  (I’m just kidding, anyone who ever employs me.  I take punctuality very seriously and would not risk being late just to down some caffeine.  Unless I was already very late, in which case I would have called in to inform you that I was late and would be in just as soon as I could.)

In the normal course of things, if I plan to take a walk in the morning and don’t get out of bed until after noon, then the plan is scrapped and I say, “Oh well, I’ll try again tomorrow.”  Because everyday is a new start and missing one day doesn’t ruin the whole year.  However, when Buddy was recovered from his brain pain he was more than willing to take our walk despite it being well into the afternoon.  So we did.  Saturday is our “special cardio” day.  Before you start sniggering, we live in a very lovely part of the country and have been meaning to check out the hiking trails in our area.  Just a few miles down the road is one of the largest city parks in the country and after living here for three years, the closest we got to it was driving through the light display at Christmas.  It was ideal as a start to this goal since it is close and free.  We stopped into the visitor’s center for a map and found a nice 2.6 mile loop that would suit our purposes.  The purpose of the “special cardio” is not necessarily a heavy workout.  It’s kind of a treat for the regular cardio.  The daily dredge through the neighborhood is tedious, but it builds the cardiorespiratory system and strengthens leg muscles and joints.  The fitter we are, the more hiking we can do, which is fun and pretty even when it is cold.

The fact is, I don’t ever want to be out of breath from walking to my car in the parking lot.  Or walking up a short flight of stairs.  I don’t want a day out sightseeing to be ruined because I simply can’t keep up with the tour group.

So after the walk, we went grocery shopping (thank goodness, cuz the fridge was empty except for eggs and some leftover truffles).  Then I spent the afternoon making mason jar cozies to sell, because apparently you need stuff to sell before you actually open a shop.  And now Buddy is bugging me because I’m up passed midnight, like we said we wouldn’t be this year.  The words trump all.  I must do the words or all else is for naught.

Good night, stalkers.



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