Today Briefly

I woke up and went for a walk at 7:20am.  It was really cold.  Not nostrils freezing closed, I might lose a toe cold, but cold enough that the zipper on my jacket hurt my throat.  However, I kept my pace.  And while I didn’t do my 4-mile route, keeping it to a 40-min walk (which is all I had time for), I got much farther than I thought I would.

Most important to note here is that it was very cold and I did it anyway.  I don’t do cold.  When I’m outside in the cold, all I can focus on is getting back inside. When I took my parents and youngest bro up to DC for some Smithsonion touristing last December, I was so eager to get back inside that I frequently left my family behind since my Dad was nursing a knee injury, my brother a hip injury, and my mom has an artificial hip.  This is narcissism, people.  I didn’t feel bad for leaving them behind.  I felt bad for bringing them when I was simply incapable of strolling at a more comfortable pace.

Anyway, this is me being obscenely pleased with myself.  And the day just kept getting better.

I taught a crochet class to a nice couple of ladies who were so enthusiastic to have my supervision on their pillow project, they signed up to do another class next week.

My shift at work was short, but we got a lot done and I got to be super helpful to lots of nice people and one annoying person.

Then I got the text that the DVR was broken.  Which is sad because I had saved a lot of TV for Buddy since he was away.  But he had watched all he had wanted to watch and everything else wasn’t worth him catching up on.  And then the cable folks called to say it was time for our free equipment so…great timing, I suppose.

I experimented with breading the tilapia, which tasted great on the one piece that cooked through.  The other two, well, we weren’t that hungry anyway.

We did have some extra chocolate today, but Buddy is still fighting off that nasty cold and I’m just selfless enough to help him do whatever he needs to do to feel better.

I’m gonna be straight with you and say a walk is off the table tomorrow because the high is 38 degrees so it’ll likely be below freezing for most of the morning.  There are two factors that will excuse me from outdoor exercise: migraines and the weather.  If it is below freezing or above 90 degrees, it isn’t going to happen.  Plus, HHGs come tomorrow, plus the cable people.  Hopefully, I can YouTube a body combat class when things calm down.

That’s all for right now.


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