Yup.  It’s Thursday.  I started with some procrastination.  Which is my way of saying I opted to sleep in an extra hour rather than go on my walk.  My knee actually woke me up sometime well before my alarm went off.  I can’t think what I did to aggravate it.  Tuesday’s walk was not that strenuous and I wore my knee braces.  Besides, that kind of irritation would have shown up yesterday.  So I probably slept on it wrong or something.

Anyway, then I got on Facebook (because what’s life without a little more procrastination) and found out that Alan Rickman had died.  Bowie’s death was a bummer, but I’ve never been a fan.  He was just a pop culture icon that I liked.  Rickman, on the other hand, was a crushing blow.  He was my favorite character in Robin Hood.  Every time I saw him in a movie, he was the Sheriff of Nottingham who would CUT YOUR HEART OUT WITH A SPOON.  Well, until I saw him in Dogma.  Here was this serious British actor showing off his Ken doll bits in a Kevin Smith movie.  I mean, he was the best part of that truly wonderful movie, which is saying something.  Then he was in Galaxy Quest.  He was the FUNNIEST character and didn’t tell a single joke or mug for the camera.  He had such amazing range, playing heroes and villains, lovers, fighters, actors, angels. When I found out he was playing Snape, it felt just perfect.  Yeah, he was about thirty years too old but you wouldn’t know from watching him.  I will repeat what has been said countless times.  For the fans, even the ones who don’t like the movies, even for ones who don’t like the character, Alan Rickman  is Professor Snape and always will be.

And after spending a day reading the touching tributes from his fellow actors and friends, I am that much more pleased that he was a genuinely good guy.  Loyal, kind, dedicated, and genuine.

In honor of his passing, Buddy and I made pork chops.  This doesn’t make sense unless you watch Family Guy and saw this episode:

For whatever reason, this was the most hilarious thing to us and since then, it has been revived any time we hear Alan Rickman’s name.  So we made pork chops (that didn’t have to be defrosted for the party) and risotto and that was our tribute.  I hope he and Lemmy and Bowie appreciated that.

Hopefully, this will be the end of the celebrity deaths for a bit.  Though I suppose any British celebrity around age 69 and currently fighting cancer is sweating a bit.

I had two pieces of chocolate today, for my grief.

In other news, Buddy tweaked his back somehow, poor guy.  If it feels better, we’re going for a walk tomorrow morning.  If not, well, I have the dentist to go to.  That seems to be bad enough without adding exercising in the cold.  I might try walking in the afternoon when it’s warmer, though.

By Grapthar’s Hammer, I will get into a routine!


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