Humorous Tidbits

You’ve seen that meme with Boromir.


From now on, this is called a Boromeme.

Also, any time I see Potters Rd, I’ll say it like Draco Malfoy.

I’ve been considering getting a tattoo recently.  Nothing big or anything.  Just a little something on my back that I won’t have to look at when it stops being pretty.  The downside of this plan is that I know how addicting tattoos can be.  I have many friends and family members who got one little tat and ended up going back for more repeatedly.  I started joking about going so far as to get sleeves and Samoan trousers and all other sorts of nonsense.  When you live on a Pacific island like Hawaii for a while, you’ll get introduced to the rich and beautiful Polynesian culture, which includes the intricate tattoos worn by the different tribes.  Go to a luau and many of the male dancers will be covered head to foot in traditional tats.  I decided to call the leg tats Samoan trousers the other day, because I usually saw them on the Samoans at church and I had just been talking about tattoo “sleeves.”

Important note:  If you call them Samoan trousers, you are an ignorant white devil and should not be getting them permanently inked into your pasty, soulless skin.

I think that’s all I have for humor right now.  I didn’t do anything today except sleep in, have coffee with a friend, begin another purse, and take a nap.  Also, I shared a Chocolate Chocolate Chip mini Bundt cake with Buddy after dinner.  Kind of makes me wish I had an excuse for wasting this day, especially after having such a long talk with everyone about healthy eating and exercise yesterday.  Starting again tomorrow.





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2 responses to “Humorous Tidbits

  1. I so wish I had time to read ALL of this, but YES! Trump cares about NO ONE!!! I need to come back a read this because I think we’re on the same page.

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