Anger and Sadness

There is a fine line between anger and sadness.

Anger is what we use to kill sadness.

When our throats constrict with unwanted tears, when despair claws at our insides, when fear and helplessness tighten our chests, Anger steps in to burn it all away.

When scores of people die in senseless violence

Atrocities against hundreds

Death in the thousands

Blood running in schools

Ignorance and Hatred ruling the mob

Terrors stalking our friends, family, children

There is Anger.


If only what?

Fewer guns?  More guns?  More laws?  Less laws?  Acceptance?  Genocide?

Time Travel?

Go back in time and prevent guns from being invented.

Just to be safe, get rid of gun powder.

Also projectile weapons of any sort.

Or anything sharp.

Go back and break the thumbs of all the early homo sapiens.  That should do it.


There is no fixing this.  There is no solution.  This is reality.  This is what we have built for ourselves.  The world we live in should expect a mass shooting every day, because that is what happens.  Want that to change?  Move to an uninhabited planet.

Anger is useless.  It calls for action where none can be taken.  Cries for justice where none can exist.  Demands retribution from a dead man, and then from anyone else considered culpable.  Anger is loud, unthinking, cruel.  Anger anticipates all these things from its perceived enemies, and is angrier when they don’t act accordingly.  Calls everyone hypocrites because they can’t publically hate on dead people.  Those a-holes have no right to pray and mourn the people they were afraid to share a bathroom with.  Those people facilitated this, so they should be rejoicing on social media, right?

Anger snarls for change.  Fix this with laws and regulations.  (Let’s be honest, if nothing changes after an elementary school gets shot up, what chance does a gay bar have when the LGBT community is considered one of the threats to school children?)

I understand Anger.  We’ve been on close terms for all of my adult life.  When we got too friendly, I knew it was time I left the Army.  It came to my aid when it was time to decide whether I should leave the P/T job I had during college or put up with being treated like an over-paid monkey.

I tell it, firmly, to take a long walk during days like today (yesterday now).  I don’t need Anger.  I need Sadness.  I need it because it allows me to feel everything.  Sadness doesn’t shut you down (Sadness, not Depression).  It opens you up, like a bad cavity.

It makes demands, but not in the same way.

How can I feel better?  How can I stop this ache?  Who can I hold?  Who can I comfort?

We all know the phrase.  Fear leads to Anger.  Anger leads to Hate.  Hate leads to the Dark Side.  I saw some Dark Side today.  We all did.

Here is a better phrase.  Sadness leads to Compassion.  Compassion leads to Love.  Love leads to Everything that is Good about Humanity.

Surprisingly, I saw more love today than I expected.  Maybe I just have my social media filtered correctly, so that only those who agree with me can be seen.  Or maybe I don’t need to relocate to Mars.

Let’s all be sad together.  Then move on before the next tragedy starts the cycle again.

To the Shooter: I hope you’re enjoying Hell.  Even better, I hope we don’t remember your name next week.  I hope you spend eternity knowing that you died for nothing and that no one mourned you or celebrated you.  I hope you fail to be immortalized as a great villain or a true martyr.  You are a coward.  I pity you.


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  1. On the last day, at judgment, He will face God, and I believe God will say, “You thought you could make my judgments? You thought you could execute my punishment? You thought you knew my plans? Where were you when I created the world? Set up the boundaries between land and sea? Created life? Do you think in your puny life that you have accumulated the wisdom of a millennia? My wisdom and my plans were from infinity and you would discern them? Go to the lake of fire and jump in. You will be there for all eternity burning and suffering. As for my plans, they will continue despite what you have done. I will execute my judgment and my will regardless of your actions.” This will be immediately followed by a whiff of sulfur and a slight smell of barbecue…

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