Fatal Accidents

You can’t mitigate all dangers. Accidents happen.


Tragic accident:  little toddler accidentally aspirates some baby oil.  Baby oil in the lungs is a VERY bad thing!  He didn’t make it.  I cried.  Wasn’t my kid, but I cried.  Turns out he’s not the only kid who’s aspirated baby oil.  But what was completely off my radar were some of the responses.

“There ought to be a law!  They should sue J & J for not putting a warning label on the baby oil that says that aspirating it is not a good idea.  Just like putting that much baby powder on day after day after day, decades since you were a baby is not a good idea.  There should be a warning!”

“Yes!  I’ve been waiting to see this!  Baby oil can KILL YOU!  Why would you put baby oil on babies when it can kill them.  If it is that toxic to aspirate, why would you…

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