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On Riots and Insurrection: Language Warning

A friend today asked me if I was ok. Not because he was worried, but because he was expecting me to be spitting fire about the insurrection in DC yesterday. And if you ask my husband I was, to the point where I had to put down my cross stitch (my newest hobby, don’cha know) and take some deep breaths. But I’ve been radio silent on social media except to share the daily newsletter of a historian I follow (Heather Cox Richardson, slight Democratic bias, but very informative and insightful).

I have been on Facebook almost constantly, though, doom scrolling away, reading the comments of the “unfollow me now” posts and the “those people don’t represent us” and the general nastiness that happens on social media when one side feels justified and the other feels defensive. My mantra has been (for months now) Don’t Engage With People You Don’t Know. I made that mistake over the summer when I got in a sparring match against someone on a friend’s page who turned out to be his close family. I had crossed a line without realizing it because I was too focused on how clever and right I was. Even when that’s true, it’s no excuse to go after someone I don’t know from Adam.

Anyway, here are my thoughts. MLK said that “a riot is the language of the unheard” and that still holds true. This last summer we saw some rioting and looting (which is shocking considering how angry and pent up everyone was), but we also saw millions of people participating in peaceful protests for months. And nothing fucking changed. We watched people tear apart Target and cops shooting rubber bullets at pregnant women and reporters. We saw children maced. We saw atrocities and rebellion and violence and we bickered about it on social media as though any of it would matter. The cop who shot Jacob Black in the back seven times IN FRONT OF HIS KIDS is not being charged because the DA hasn’t ever had a job where he felt his life was in danger. What. The. Fuck does that have to do with ANYTHING.

What is even the point of being angry anymore? What does it change? I’ve been angry for months? Years? I’ve watched powerful people make billions off a pandemic and then continued to give them my money because I need stuff they sell. I’ve watched conspiracy theories profligate because the media and people who should know better overtly support them since it gets them more views and more power. I’ve seen my friends share hateful memes and spread lies because it made them feel better about “their side.”

And now this. Fucking Trump and his Fucking Base cosplaying Wyatt Fucking Earp (or whatever) strolling into the Capitol so they can selfie how badass they are. They took down an American flag and put up a Trump flag. Remember when Kaepernick knelt for the Anthem and you burned your jersey? Are you burning your MAGA hats and flags and political yard signs yet?

Wanna know the difference between a riot and insurrection? Intent. I don’t know who was rioting this summer or what their intent was besides lashing out. I don’t actually care. I was pissed off (outraged, you might say) at the time because goddammit they were finally getting the world stage and some greedy, pathetic fucks thought, Guess I’ll get a tv, or some shit. Regardless. Those mother fuckers yesterday brought bombs and molotov cocktails and zip tie cuffs so they could take fucking hostages. That’s intent. And just because they didn’t have the balls to do anything more than light vandalism and tourist rebellion doesn’t mean they should be let off. They brought their goddamn Confederate/Nazi propaganda into the Capitol with the explicit purpose of disrupting a sanctioned act of democracy. Fuck. Them.

But I digress. What I meant to say is I’m sorry we didn’t listen. I’m sorry we laughed at your cockamamie conspiracy theories and brushed you off as kooks. I’m sorry we unfollowed/unfriended you so all you had was your fucking echo chamber to scream hate into. But you’re still fucking cosplayers who actually breached the Capitol and did fuck-all to change anything. How embarrassing. How many times have you chuckleheads stormed a government building and then left without doing a goddamn thing? You didn’t even get into a shootout with the feds and the votes were still certified mere hours later. The Bolsheviks murdered the whole royal family and ya’ll had a guy tase himself to death. P a t h e t i c.

Now, to the rest of you. I don’t know anyone who was cheering them on. I’m sure there were plenty, but they aren’t my people. The Line in the Sand People, I am glad you feel angry enough to speak your mind. Continue to do that. Call people on their bs. Use the Socratic Method, though. Trying to argue doesn’t work, which is why we keep unfriending everybody and nothing changes. When somebody spouts lies, fact check them with reputable sources. When somebody makes a statement that you disagree with, ask questions. What do you mean by that? Ok, what do you mean by that? Basically, question them into unraveling their own argument. Keep it simple, as paragraphs of counter-argument means they can focus on or misinterpret one small thing and do their own paragraph response that doesn’t actually argue against you. Anyone who tried explaining white privilege to white people this summer has experienced this and it never convinces anyone of a goddamn thing.

The unfollow/unfriend ultimatums, I get it but there’s literally no risk/reward there. I don’t notice when people unfriend/unfollow me. I have lots of friends and I really only consistently see posts from a few dozen? So if I lost friends because I support BLM and social justice and trans lives and comprehensive social programs, I might never know. I’ve seen several fights break out in the comment sections of those Unfriend Me posts, but most people will see that ultimatum and not even hesitate to Bye Felicia. Why fight when you can just disappear? No confrontation necessary and they can rest safe in the belief that they are right and that their former friend was just being unreasonable (it’s such a shame, I thought I knew them so well). I’m not saying don’t draw a line in the sand. Just be aware that the consequences aren’t nearly so dire that people will change their beliefs/politics/whatever just to continue seeing your humorous memes and cute cat photos.

To the They Don’t Represent Me crowd. You’re feeling defensive. I remember that feeling when cities were on fire this summer. If you feel the phrase “I don’t condone them but” forming in your mind, Walk Away. What you are about to post is some pathetic attempt to excuse any guilt by association you have while also placing the Real Blame on someone else. I get the impulse, but it doesn’t work. When violence broke out we said most protests are peaceful (which was true) and opponents still used the actions of a few to dismiss the will of millions. When we tried whataboutisms (what about the armed lockdown protests that blocked hospitals during a pandemic?), opponents rightly yelled False Equivalency. Those just circle the blame ad nauseum. When we tried reason and statistics, they called us liars and fakes and selfish millenials. Now I’m hearing the exact same weak shit and I’m begging you to stop.

I. Don’t. Care. The “Not All ###” defenses are tired. Not All Men. Not All Cops. Not All White People. Not All Republicans/Conservatives/Trumpies. Just stop. That’s not a fucking defense, it’s whining. Instead of complaining about how unfair it is to be lumped in with these people who look and sound and act like you but certainly aren’t, take Responsibility. That means demanding accountability for those who claim your tribe but misrepresent it. So cops calling out bad cops, men calling out toxic masculinity, white people calling out white privilege, and All of Us calling out “our side” when they’re spreading bs. Someone says they heard Antifa was actually behind the insurrection, Google it. If Associated Press didn’t say it, don’t believe it. And then go back to that person and correct them. Police your own damn people. Why bother rocking the boat? Just cuz you don’t say anything doesn’t mean you agree with it, right? Doesn’t mean you disagree either, Karen, but staying silent means you don’t get to decide which it is. Correcting your own people is more effective because of a major factor in our cognitive reasoning. It’s called implicit bias. You get spot-checked by the enemy and they’re lying/drinking the kool-aid/just being contrary. You get spot-checked by your own people and you’re more likely to believe them because they don’t have an agenda against you. That is how we Fix This Reality Split. The alternative is what we’ve been doing. Yelling at each other until we quit because there’s no use. Unfriend, unfollow, block, and create alternate realities that are so fundamentally different that we can’t even talk any more unless we know everyone in the room is in the same reality. STOP IT. IT DOESN’T FUCKING WORK. (This is not to say remain friends/family with people who are toxic/bad for your mental health and well-being. Those people can fuck right off.)

This (hopefully) final section is for the Enablers in the Government. You. Mother. Fuckers. You played with people to get more power and in the process, hundreds of THOUSANDS of people died. You encouraged conspiracy theories for your own ends, incited violence, and fucked with our democracy to line your pockets. You used a pandemic to rake in millions in money while letting your constituents starve because of some bullshit individualistic philosophy that you don’t even fucking practice. All of you fuckers DESERVED the violence today. And I do mean ALL. There are consequences for your words and actions or lack thereof and today was the first time any of you experienced that. Millions of people marched this summer and nothing changed because of lobbyists and private donors and unwieldy messaging/verbage. 350,000 people died while you all bickered from the safety of your universal healthcare and guaranteed paychecks. Your people have been screaming for months and instead of doing your jobs, you fanned the flames to get more votes. Fuck. You. You talk about change and do nothing. You talk about values and have none. You talk talk TALK about how the other side is fucking us over. 350,000 people dead because one side was flippant about a plague and the other side couldn’t stop being smug about how dumb that was. Real fucking mature. People were scared about losing their lives (either from the viris or the economy) and instead of compassion, you m o c k e d them. Instead of solutions, you pointed fingers. I’d ask how you sleep at night but I imagine it’s on silk sheets in your mansion. Again, and I mean this with my whole heart FUCK YOU. Be grateful it was just the cosplayers who broke into the Capitol today and not actual revolutionaries.

AND ANOTHER THING. To all you irresponsible news outlets, FUCK YOU SIDEWAYS. Reporting rumors and theories as if they’re facts, amplifying conspiracy theories by talking about them constantly, giving Trump a platform 24/7 either by being his mouthpiece or repeating his bs for shock value, letting op eds replace journalism, and pandering to the fringe, all of that has to stop. I can’t stomach it any more. Take the news out of your fucking names. You aren’t reporters, you aren’t journalists, you aren’t news. I get more accurate news from Trevor Noah and he hosts an actual Fake News Program. And hey, I know you go with what sells because you have zero integrity, and what sells is Scandal, Sex, Conspiracy, etc. You are merely a reflection of what the consumer wants. But you know what? My toddler wants to eat cheese ALL DAY. Do I let him? Fuck yeah, have you ever met a toddler? Do I also make sure he eats other things like bananas and raisins and drinks water so he’s still healthy? Fuck yeah. Cuz I’m a responsible fucking adult and I don’t wanna be on a Mom Page asking about the symptoms of rickets. I like cheese and I like that he likes cheese, but I know giving him ONLY what he wants has bad consequences. Is this analogy working for you or do I need more make up and hairspray and a non-regional dialect to get it across? Do. Your. Job. Or. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

Guys. Guys. I am so tired. I have a toddler who doesn’t sleep and is potty training. I am 35 years old and I have to chase him around a playground in 34°F weather and then make him eat something besides cheese. I have been in a low simmer rage all year and I have lost all my creative drive and I have to be my husband and son’s only friend because we just moved to a new state in a pandemic and we can’t make friends because of fucking covid. Please. Just burn this country down already. I can’t take the suspense.

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This is my pessimistic post for the week.  Sorry.

Every time I get on the Facebook, someone has posted a petition of some sort to complain about the gov’ment effing us over.  There are lots of people sharing how Congress should take a pay cut instead of shanking everyone else.  There are people calling to recall every elected official, to vote everyone out of office in favor of someone new.  Apparently, people think that we can do something to combat the rampant corruption of the people in power.

I disagree.  Here’s the thing.  Let’s say you get everyone in the country to vote against the incumbents, to fill the Congress with new blood and clear out the rotten blood.  Okay.  Fine.  You just voted in a few hundred people who are (possibly) not already inducted into the system of lobbying, bribes, and blatant commercialism.  We might even pretend that they aren’t already owed by some corporation or another, that the fortune they spent to get elected came in small donations from The People and not from the large donations of “interested parties.”  Does that guarantee and end to corruption?  Does it even put a dent in the problem?  Only if the new people you elected are morally strong, ethically motivated, utterly selfish in their desire for public office at that level.  And the people who run for the offices (well above City Councils and other small-time posts) are well-known for retaining their integrity when they get to that level, are they?  Isn’t the fact that they’ve made it that far up the political ladder to be backed by a national party or another indicate that they are thoroughly integrated into the system we despise so much?  Even if someone starts out honest and decent at the beginning, in all likelihood, he/she has to grease palms to get beyond the local sector, to get high enough on the political food chain to justify mud-flinging campaigns against someone who has had years of experience for the job being fought for, yes?

Oh, and those campaigns.  Yes.  Let’s talk about those.  I have heard people discuss politicians in familiar terms, as though their had been a picnic over the weekend which involved a little visit from a $1000-suit wearing, professional liar (sorry) wherein all important view-points were spoken of at length and with utter confidence.  Here is the facts: politicians make promises (based on the stance of their party, the particular concerns of their constituents, or anything that their campaign manager has decided will get them elected) which they have no ability to keep.  At least, not on their own.  For instance, the president (current or otherwise) makes a load of promises over a long and expensive campaign that can last years.  When he/she attains office, he/she can’t do squat if Congress is held by the opposite power.  He/She can’t attain goals that aren’t feasible, cannot affect an ingrained system without years of strain, can’t do anything at all that can’t be undone by the next guy or stopped dead by childish antics by fat blowhards who want to keep fat for the rest of their lives.  The “most powerful person in the world” is SOL if he/she tries to fix problems that the corrupt don’t want fixed.  The checks and balances system, which keeps the president from becoming all George III/Louis XIV, also hamstrings the entire system.  Make as many promises as you want.  They are worth as much as salt at the bottom of the ocean when you get elected.

And where the eff does all the money come from?  What does it go to?  People are starving to death, losing their jobs, their homes, their faith in humanity and those people hold a fracking dinner to raise tens of thousands of dollars for their campaigns.  With their substantial pay checks, why do they need to raise money at all?  Why do my friends get screwed out of their retirement pay for your 30-second TV spot, personal jet, $600 shoes, and fancy cars, huh?  How dare you get to vote for your own pay raise and then tell my battle buddies that getting shot at isn’t reason enough to receive benefits after they’ve given their physical and mental health for your flabby, lying, despicable, selfish, immature BS.  (In regards to the claims that military personnel retire at such a young age that a secondary career is possible and therefore they shouldn’t be allowed to “double dip,” I offer you a middle finger and this: Try starting a secondary career at the age of 40, when everyone else you’re competing against is 20 years younger than you and 20 years ahead of you on training.  How many people have been laid off from their job of 20 years and then immediately found a new career that pays them anywhere near what they were getting in their last job?  Why are there so many people fighting for extended unemployment benefits if secondary careers are simply falling out of the sky for retired veterans?)  In addition, this kind of betrayal, which you can justify all you want, is supposed to save a few billion dollars over the next ten years or something.  Big effing deal, peeps.  We are trillions in debt.  Billions aren’t enough.  If you wanna make unfair cuts, make them across the board.  It sucks, yes.  But it sucks for everyone, not just the people who signed a contract to put up with endless goat-ropes in return for a steady paycheck and benefits.  (Note: I understand that public office is a demanding and grueling career, one which forces many sacrifices of mental and physical health.  If it was so stress free, presidents would still have dark hair at the end of their first terms.  I believe there are a lot of expenditures that are completely unnecessary to maintaining a political career, but what do I know?  My point is, no government career is more important than any other, so if spending must be checked, it is irresponsible to pick and choose who you think can handle a pay cut.  Savvy?)

It’s not going to happen, though.  You vote out the corrupt in favor of someone either just as corrupt or completely helpless against the infection.  You b*tch all you want on social media, but in a month, it will all be posts about some other scandal or outrage.  You’ll forget who pissed you off so badly in October by the time the next chance to vote comes up.  Complain and post humorous memes and startling figures.  They’ll still vote for their own fracking pay raise and distract you from the real problems with crusades against abortion or marijuana or same-sex marriage or immigration or gas prices or global warming.

I’m not a member of a political party.  I don’t see much difference between them (since there only appear to be two).  I don’t get the die-hard loyalty people have to their party.  Shouldn’t you be more concerned about whether a person can do the job better rather than whether he has the right animal mascot?  Is it right for the system to gridlock because the sides are too polarized to work together?  Why do we even need the fracking sides?

And in case you were wondering, no, I don’t vote.  I can’t pick the lesser of two evils because there is no way for me to know which is which.  The information age means there is just more misinformation that confuses and angers me.  The system is broken and I am too discouraged and depressed to think that I can do a goram thing to change that.  If you want to bash me for that, fine.  I have two points for you.  A. The Electoral College does my voting for me.  B. Corporations are people.

Please don’t use what I’ve written here as an excuse not to participate.

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